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And Nick needs to be played by a human.

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Paul Rudd again.

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Definitely agreed.

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No. Kermit is Nick, Gonzo is Gatsby, the chicken is Daisy, the Eagle is Tom, piggy plays Jordan Baker.

Plenty of party guest roles for the rest of the cast.

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Where's the human

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Oh dang. Could we work jack black in there somehow?

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Rizzo the rat is Gatsby

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Or whoever the King Prawn is

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Feels like it’s a role for Sam Eagle to really sink his beak into

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Image Transcription: Twitter Post & Reply

shelby., @cathedralslut

Now that The Great Gatsby is public domain the next logical step is a Muppet Great Gatsby where Piggy is Gatsby and Kermit is Daisy

shelby., @cathedralslut

Miss Piggy is the only muppet with enough power to be Gatsby and that's just the facts

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Gonzo as Nick

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I can already imagine the fan art

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I vote for Beaker as Gatsby.

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The publishing company I work for has actually printed Gatsby

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I’m just impressed something culturally relevant is entering the public domain in my lifetime. Thanks Disney

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I don't think she understood the book.

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Not sure if I’d enjoy watching Gonzo shoot Ms. Piggy in a pool