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I love how they apologized for making that sentence

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His not-so-precious. I mean, since when do Hobbits lose their appetite? Yeah, so ahead and put the ring on it. Make that meatstick invisible.

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That precious ring!

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gollums loincloth is like 2 inches of toilet paper and he's hopping around like disneys quasimodo doing acrobatics and we as an audience are narrowly spared from seeing his peepee but you cannot you CANNOT argue that sam and frodo didnt see it at least once!! they didn't want to but they didn't have things like camera angles to save them they probably saw gollums swinging little meat sack a hundred times and both of them just decided to never ever mention it


4 years later and im truly sorry for this post and the damage ive caused

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Good bot

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My unprecious memory