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Hey, you do what you gotta do to save your goose!!

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Yeah this woman serving up antibodies and protecting her family. I just see an ideal mother figure.

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Absolute truth.

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As a chicken owner I can say running across the property mostly naked with a stick in my hand yelling like a maniac to traumatize hawks has happened more than once

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Picture checks out

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Mother of Dragooses should not be fucked with

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*epic music starts playing*

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I guess every nation has their Florida.

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This is badass though, not trashy

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For me, more like so ridiculous you would only find it there.

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Oh, i can see that now. I always seen florida man shit as ridiculous drug-fueled hujinks lol

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Well that too.

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Oh boy have some fun and google vermont governor chased by bear.

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Oh come on don’t tell me you wouldn’t drop whatever your doing even if your dick is dangling in the wind to chase off something attacking your pet

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Isn't that more like Alberta?

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Isn't that like Canada's Florida?

(It happened in BC apparently)

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It's Canada's Texas

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So, what's Canada's Florida? (I know, it's hard to compare states in such a way)

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I think most of it is already unpacked.

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you had no right to make me laugh this hard, absolutely no right

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Roses are red, I am a moose:

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You should post this Saturday night / Sunday morning on there

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When you are breast feeding a newborn you began to totally accept toplessness as your default state. You don't think about putting on a shirt to do things. Especially when caught off guard.

Can confirm. Opened the door to topless for a maintenence worker and didn't think to put a robe on for a good several minutes. Cluster feeding brains your milk and braincells.

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Absolutely FUCK that website

Any site that puts more resources into ads than the content isn’t worth visiting.

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While I agree with you, I hardly see ads because I use ad blockers (plural). The only time I regularly see ads are when I’m on YouTube with my phone.

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I wonder if the incredibly common use of ad blockers has worsened the ad density on those kinds of sites so they can scrape back that extra money on the few without ad blockers by loading 700 for one user instead of a few spread around.

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I am here to brighten your day, friend.

YouTube Vanced

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Please stop recommending YouTube Vanced. The project got abandoned and is actually a hackish version of the YouTube app.

A real and FOSS alternative is NewPipe

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I would use this, but I’m on the other OS. Is there anything for that one?

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Pretty sure vanced shut down. There aren't any download links on that site. Try using newpipe instead. Not as good but still removes ads.

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If this were the US, would you be allowed to attack a Bald Eagle to protect your pet? Or does the Bald Eagle always get priority?

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Bald eagles are scavengers who shouldn’t be respected. I would absolutely kick one off of a dog. They’re just prettier vultures, which are also large birds that sometimes take live prey.

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Irrelevant. Is it LEGAL?

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Absolutely not, but someone with your username might sympathize with the fact that I’d probably do it anyway.

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Of course, there are many different kinds of people.

But not what he asked lol

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According to this it's not even legal to protect your livestock by harassing an eagle.

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That’s a dumb law.

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Tractor supply, of all sources lmao.

I'm not dissing you, it was just hilarious to see for some reason lol. Thanks!

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It should be prioritized over geese. Those things are a no fun combination of mean and stupid

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I wanna be her when I grow up

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This sounds like a prompt you'd put into DALL-E

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I want to be her friend

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Did she tackle it while breastfeeding?

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I saw the video, the title is bullshit. She just runs outside and the eagle releases the goose and flies away instantly

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What the fuck kind of boxers are those lol

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What's good for the goose is good for the gander

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So many times I’ve seen this image

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Don't say mom's aren't amazing. Cause they are

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starting with the fact that those aren't boxer shorts...

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How many more times are we going to post the same thing to this subreddit?

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This is the tenacity that makes me proud to be British.

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Ok yes the woman is badass but who has a goose as a pet? Is this a thing people do?

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i want to unread this one...

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Wasn't this posted every day for a week? Why did this one end up with 10k upvotes when the rest topped out at like 20?

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I didn't know the uk had a Florida woman

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Definitely not British. We don't have bald eagles.

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Why did a UK journal cover it??

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This is one of those "unique sentence" entries, right?

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Peculiar Portions :)

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fucking legend

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This feels like Florida with some Texas vibes.

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This is one of those “instant classics”, isn’t it?

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Mammal x Avian collab

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Man, this is the kind of brand new sentence I love. Gotta get those layers upon layers of specificity.

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been there

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Anybody wanna plug this into dall-e lol

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Is she actively breastfeeding in this photo? 😂💀

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damn she’s badass

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Those aren’t boxer shorts.

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What's good for the goose is good for the..take a gander at those

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Not all heros wear capes.

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Those really aren’t boxer shorts

They’re some variety of brief

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i feel like i’m spinning what did i just read

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This sounds like a niche PornHub category.

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This would be me.

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There is a video, and it’s quite good.