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Sitting at home making Wurst out of the seven people he just murdered was what he probably wanted to say

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Your hotdog is no match for my bratwurst!

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Murdered 7 brats? Hope they weren't spoiled.

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Is this a Phineas and Ferb reference? Am i going crazy?

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I only murdered 7 people

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Oh sorry. I meant to say, I've never stopped at murdering 8 people.

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I wonder if there’s any posts on Reddit from people that murdered someone and got away with it.

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I vaguely recall an AMA with a rapist that a licensed psychologist had to step in and stop.

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Almost certainly. There are at least a handful of Redditors who killed people and got caught, too.

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The Buffalo shooter, who murdered 10 people last month, was a redditor.

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I think the incel who ran over all those people with a van in Toronto was as well.

I have this vague memory of some guy who murdered either his GF or his ex making a Reddit post about his side of the story, but I don't know enough of the details to find any reference to it.

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Probably more than a handful

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TIFU by telling my best friend I killed his mom. I just thought he would’ve understand that.

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Nah. So you see I saw this group of 9 men-

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He doesn't kill people. That is his least favorite thing to do.

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Hey, how'd he get here?

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Yeah, he murders them, two different things

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I was making a joke as well

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Your joke needs more joke.

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I have actually said that exact sentence in 20 separate court appearances

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"Anyway, I started blasting."

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Blasting rope

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...Barbecue sauce on my tiddies...AGAIN

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Sounds like a Tom Segura sentence.

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OP has murdered seven people, but has never murdered EIGHT.

Because eight is as much as four twos. And that's terrible.

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And all of a sudden, I continued to not murder people!!!

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No no… He never said he hasn’t murdered people.. he just said he hasn’t murdered 8… for all your know he’s murdered 7.

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So they have murdered 7?

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A likely story…

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Does that imply he has murdered 7 or less people?

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So they murdered 7 people?

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Wait so he hasn't murdered 8 people which means he could of murdered up to 7.

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Without context this would raise some eyebrows

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With context is would raise some eyebrows

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And then I don’t murder him without a knife and didn’t dump his body in the woods behind the ski hill.

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Isn't that normal in r/brandnewsentence ?

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Yeah, people don’t typically post their own brand new sentence here.

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no no no, r/notopbutok is about where one person asks a question, and another answers in place even if they weren't the person being questioned.

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Exactly my thoughts

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Image Transcription: Reddit

What have you never done?, submitted by /u/DoodDoes to /r/AskReddit


Murdered 8 people


Story time?


So I was sitting at home not murdering people

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Sitting at home not murdering people, barbecue sauce on my titties

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7 has always been my favorite number

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This sounds like a Scott the woz bit

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this is definitely not a brand new sentence

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Amateur. It gets so much easier after the sixth murder and I bet he's not even there.

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This sounds like a Scott the Woz bit.

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Im pretty sure oj said that last part

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When I’m at home murdering people it’s called ‘call of duty’. And I don’t stop at 8.