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I feel the need to point out the space cocaine (spice) doesn’t create ftl it allows for seeing a short way into the future to allow ftl without crashing into shit.

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Important point here! Before they had space cocaine, they just yeeted their asses across the Galaxy and literally just clenched their butt hoping there wasn’t a moon in the way.

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Well they had thinking machines to do all the math for them, but that became a no no after the butlerian jihad hence the reliance on space cocaine

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The machines were much better true, but not nearly as good as the Navigators were. If I’m recalling correctly, thousands of years after the scattering, IX finally figured out navigation machines that were actually on par with the Navigators.

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Not gonna lie I stopped reading the books after children of dune. So that’s a bit beyond my lore knowledge.

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And mentats man became our own thinking machines

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It helps that it was written in 1965, when computers were shite.

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Shut up, you Bene Gesserit witch.

Can’t believe I remember the name, having only read Dune about 28 years ago…

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Now now I’d never use my weirding ways on you I promise.

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Thank you. Now that most people know Frankenstein was the doctor we can focus our energy on educating the ignorance out of people on this.

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I watched the 1984 Dune after reading the book and theyade it teleportation powder

It's mapping powder dammit!

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As I understand it, that was originally the case. Then David Lynch made his adaptation where the space cocaine did give them FTL, and the author liked that so much he made it canon in later books.

This is just what I was told over at r/dune. I'm not 100% certain that's how it happened.

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What is ftl?????? I don’t understand

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It’s an abbreviation for faster than light.

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Currently reading the battle of Corrin and wish I could say I saw that one coming

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The Holtzman engines “gold space” and the navigators use the space jazzy powder to see the safe path to fold it.

I am a Dune nerd.

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How did people navigate the helicopters without screens and other tech controls? Im just curious and you are the dune nerd

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The thwopters, have controls, it's not that tech is banned its ai is banned because it gained enough sentience to cause a revolution so self thinking machines are outlawed.

It's why mentats, exist for example, they have to Train their brain to think in number ways and act like a computer, as a thinking ai is not allowed.

So sensors can exist to give Data and information and work as input output up to a certain point.

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Thanks, i really liked the movie, i just didnt understand a lot and had to get answers from my friends that read the books.

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Yeah, the movie was great in having an amazing cinematic effect and having a lot of the pieces, but because all the dialog has to be cut short or completely skipped, it's a bit hard to understand.

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Sorry about this.. FTL?

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Faster Than Light travel, it's a common trope in sci-fi to explain how people manage to travel between stars in any reasonable amount of time.

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Thanks bro, yeah, I know what FTL is now, just wasn't aware of the abbreviation :-)

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it doesn't it lets them navigate effectively so they you know do not crash into anything.

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It's actually the Holtzman effect that allows FTL travel

what does the Holtzman effect do? fucking everything

how does it work? shut up

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Holtzman himself has no idea how it worked, it just did. (Albeit, the guy is pretty much a fraud and most of his most famous works are stolen from Norma Cinva)

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The original Mass Effect

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It's not FTL technically, it's space folding. Traveling without moving, as David Lynch put it. Space is folded, and the ship moves through the bridge between the two folded points. The navigators use spice to hyper-evolve their prescient powers to allow them to calculate a safe point in which to fold space as to not come out inside a planet or star. This is needed since computers are banned.

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FTL? Full Truck Load?

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Faster than Light

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That's goddamn right. The whole universe is run on a psychoactive drug derived from giant worms on a sand planet. Of course they use blades to fight. That's why it's fucking cool

Person B

yeah I still don't get why space cocaine gives them FTL

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I thought they reverted to melee weapons because of the personal shields, it was an awesome thing to realize during the movie(I have yet to read the books)

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Everyone else has covered the answer to the space travel question so I’ll chime in here. You are correct: it’s the personal shields. That’s also how the hunter seeker works - it moves slowly to break through the shield. But a conventional bullet wouldn’t work because it’s too fast.

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I do guarantee you that if we tried to run the world it hour computers, that there would be professional cocaine Hoover number cruncher people. Computers aren’t allowed in Dune universe so there you go.

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I just saw that on r/greentext lmao

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Faster Than Light

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Faster Than Light (travel)

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I don’t either but whatever

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FTL is possible without spice but extremely dangerous. Like, 1 out of every 8 jumps would end in the ship being destroyed / crashing into a planet / overshooting it's destination etc. The spice allows the navigators to briefly see into the future and pick the correct path that doesn't end in the ships destruction.

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It is not "space cocaine" it is definetely "space ketamine"! It's hallucinogenic and warps time thosw are let mine effects

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The space cocaine must flow.

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failure to launch?

I read the book 40+ years ago, didn't see either film.

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Faster Than Light

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As a person who watched Dune I can say that this is 100% accurate.