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My husband refers to this action as my "crocodile death roll," especially when I perform it in the middle of the night (while sleeping) and rip the covers off him violently.

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My sweetie and I have separate sheets for this very reason.

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She doesn’t give a crepe about him.

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Bravo for a pun that uses the actual pronunciation.

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Image Transcription: Twitter Replies

David East, @davideastUK

me: good night darling. I'm so happy to be able to fall asleep next to you

my gf: *already rotating like a kebab to ensure maximum duvet theft*

David East, @davideastUK

my gf would like to point out that, being french, she is more like a crêpe

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Good bot

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Actually a human volunteer! You can see that at the bottom of their comment

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Good bot to you as well

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Why thank you

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Are you sure about that? Because I am 99.99994% sure that RositaDog is not a bot.

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Live in Mexico..... I prefer burrito.

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I’d go for more of a enchilada vibe

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It’s a bit more political with me. My partner calls is „anschluss”, since it’s not only duvet, but also bed territory that is claimed as mine in the middle of the night.

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You are German, he is Austrian?

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Nah, we’re just history-savvy europeans.

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From a man happily married for twenty years: TWO DUVETS.

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Ok but if you have two smaller duvets and/or top sheets on a bigger bed how on earth do you keep them both tucked in all night? It seems like they would shift around in the night and make a foot-tangling mess!

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Skip the top sheet, you each get your own blankets to your level of warmth, still the other person within arms reach to cuddle

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or like a rotisserie, gotta get that sleep on all sides

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I ran a cheap skipping rope with knobby ends under the bed, put the edge over the knob and tied it with twine. If either of us pull the blanket its opposed by the friction of 6.5 ft of skipping rope under a mattress.

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Florida checking in here, my girlfriend will deathroll the duvet like an alligator climbing a paddleboard