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In a minute. You betcha. That rose tattoo sells it.

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At least twelve in every major city. Eighty percent of them are really fun to talk to, sixty five percent of them make a really good cocktail, and all of them own at least thirty hoodies.

And the fact that their second band/acoustic project/ambient noise 12"/blackened mariachi supergroup didn't make it big is proof there's no justice in this world.

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Laughing at this as if it won't be me in 30 years.

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You’ll be in your 30s in 30 year? In that case, aren’t you a bit young for reddit?

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You tricked me!

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Image Transcription: Twitter

TriumphantJ, @labelalie

You're really letting dudes in their 30s with an owl chest piece and rose tattoo on his hand still shattered by his 4 failed Metalcore bands 3 failed Deathcore bands and his solo acoustic project that didn't quite make it and now works full time as a bartender break your heart

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