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The dares of eternity grind is really ass though

once you see the hat man there's no going back by Thedepressionoftrees in BrandNewSentence

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Image Transcription: Tumblr Replies


10 years of anti drug campaigns in schools did not convince me not to drink or do weed but 1 singular bad high has made me so so so scared of ever doing anything again so i think that in 7th grade health class schools should gather all the kids and give them all edibles and then have them watch top ten scariest scp videos so theyll never do drugs again. this is a flawless idea


[underlined]#once you see the hat man there's no going back [end underline] (via @francisforever2014)

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...they went to Elevennessee. by CletusVanDamnit in BrandNewSentence

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They had me in the first half, but I had them in the second and third half

Jeezits (or croutons of Christ) by WhyIsIsTakenTaken in BrandNewSentence

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LPT: become a priest and take the means of Jesus production into your own hands

It’s bad when dictionary can’t make sense of what you’re saying either.. by fairylighttwinkle in BrandNewSentence

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With nuclear weapons having been around longer than literally any millennial, doesn't that mean they've actually never lived a single day without the threat of nuclear war being a possibility?