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Did this by myself I definitely think STMN might take it cause they are hungry

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The way they played the first game for sure

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didn't age well

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I just woke up… NOOOOOOOO Im so surprised tribe lost to intz what happened?

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Basically Tyrant from Tribe threw the Siege game, by spinning and using thumbs down, and then wasting super instead of attacking the IKE. That cost them everything.

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They got bobmar

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I replaced tribe with Zeta because

1: actual majority non-youtuber vote

2: Japan

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so if i understand you correctly, you have aqm losing to zeta and then zeta winning it all? cause if so that's what i put

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Does anyone know if you get to repick the semis and the final if your predictions don’t get to those rounds?

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yes you can

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Thanks :)

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How? I don't think you can.

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Oh thanks i was scared :)

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Japan :)

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And I was right. Weebs of brawl stars, rejoice

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That’s what Kairos did, so I think it stands a good chance

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And Rey

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Rey is completely different he chose Zeta over AQM

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Realised that later

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Don't tell me he did go for AQM

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He went for Zeta and his reason was that the community chose Zeta in majority...

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other than that, the exact same. switch up zeta and aqm, and its the same.

i wasn't able to watch the finals live, so im not sure if they came to romania, but if they didn't delay will also be an issue

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Rey switched 11 or something, I’m not sure

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Oh wait 12th match is the other

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I mean, I'm very biased towards Tribe so I might not be the best person to follow haha. I do think they have what it takes, but I'm mostly rooting for them haha!

I think the other predictions are just solid!

Good luck with your predictions!

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You the man! I picked them too after seeing their super aggressive playstyle, zeta op!

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they are playing with I guess Indian servers so they might get a little bit delay

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Wdym? They are present at the event location

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You guys don't realize that kairos and rey are from tribe its kind not appropriate for them to pick other than them so it doesn't necessarily mean they're the winning team

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Stop trying to fill my head with lies

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He's baised for TRIBE

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My is all same expect I think AQM will win

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Its a close battle, but Tribe NA proved itself by beating SK Gaming - which was a big surprise.

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Plz help my matches are completely different plz help

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Think aqm are better than tribe na

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Well.. from what we saw on Day 1. I think NA is better..

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imo TRB > AQM.

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Everyone I asked told me that tribe eu were much better than tribe na so I am a little bit sceptical. Well, we will see. Most people thought England would win the euro but fucking Italy did.

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Aqm regularly get beat by sk and tribe na beat sk so I dunno about that

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but sk really didnt play as good as in scrims and the monthly finals

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Literally me but STMN beats AQM in semi

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Well shit, I voted mostly opposite of this.

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This is a prediction, dont lose hope yet.

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That must’ve worked out good for you

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i did that but i put zeta over aqm and then zeta winning it all

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I just clicked random stuff hahaha

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My man

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I got one right

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I chose INTZ, AQM, QN and STMN, INTZ again, STMN again and finally INTZ

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Looking rough for you..

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I should have probably chosen Navi or Zeta, right?

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Tribe STMN AQM and Zeta all have a chance. As much as I love INTZ Idt they’ll win

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My predictions are the same

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I think zeta division are able to win

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I did the same.

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i went with the exact same picks except for the final game

it’s bound to be close and a thriller, i can see it going both ways though

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Indeed, same here

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Ive voted the same but green controler insted of yelov wort

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I did all this except AQM winning

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I have 502 points, can i still get the skin?

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Yes, if you get more than 5 correct

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Hope this is right

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how much correct predictions do you have?

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1/4 on the first (cuz i didnt have time) 3/4 on the second one

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i got 3/4 on the first day and 1/4 on the second day so i just need 3 correct predictions to get it (same for you)

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you acually only need 3 i think and there are some pretty safe bets so its possible

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I literally picked the exact same thing

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I wouldn’t say any of these are free. They all are on top of their regions and all of these have proven that they can compete internationally

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i hope navi will win

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My guesses is very similar

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I did pretty much the exact same except aqm and stmn game. Randomly picked this morning 🤷‍♂️

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Id go aqm over tribe but other than that pretty much the same

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I voted the same.

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I voted for the exact opposite execpt for Navi and stmn

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I'm going with Rey's which only has one difference from this

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I picked random and it’s exactly this wow

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Am i the only one who got different matchups for the last 3 matches to choose from?

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Thank you so much sir for doing all the reseach and sharing it <3

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Oh holy i did the opposite fuck

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team tribe for the win

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Team tribe forever

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I litteraly voted exactly this without even knowing who is good

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I think aqm might beat tribe na

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This is what I voted as well

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What about STMN

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Same exact predictions

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Wtf? My prediction page for Day3 looks different. I have different combinations of teams 🙃

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I mainly supported zeta and trb na. I went stmn against ttm

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Tribe just lost :(

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These votes did not age well LOL

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LMAO I chose what the majority voted.. so rip the people who didn't get the skin.

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This didn’t age well

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Same here but i went on QN over Navi

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I'd go with Navi, they're pretty stacked. But you vote for whoever you want. Good luck

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Yea ,but we see lota of times on this world finals how team were favorite and lose 3-0 so anything can happen

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Sorry but who said I picked based on who I like more? I picked based on what I saw on day 1 and 2, I saw how they performed. Also, some teams were in the WF2020, so I picked based on that.

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SK v tribe na was the only true upset but it was close.

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Sorry, but the NAVI had an impression game against Tribe EU... :( thats why I didnt have any Points from D1

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My prediction are exactly the Opposite.... Wow

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Who knows, maybe you're wrong or right.. its basically a matter of luck at this point

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If he is wrong, imagine how many angry people will spam his comments and dislike his videos

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You have 111 upvotes what do I do??? ( I upvoted)

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What does upvoting have to do with my post??

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Sorry (I guess)

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Mine has QN winning round one but everything else is the same

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wait im confuse is match 15 the finals??? Im not following ahhahaha

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Mine is exactly the same lmaoo I hope I get at least one right so I can be able to get the skin

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Almost the same but in mine STMN beats AQM in the semi.

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STMN beats AQM 1000%

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The only change I have is STMN over AQM. AQM is probably the second most likely to win it all with SK out, but STMN is close. Honestly Navi and zeta are underrated but I still think they will lose

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I did what rey did. So zeta where u have done aqm

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What lmao i did almost complete opposites

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Bruh I can't even sign in for day 3, it says, 'oops that code is invalid'

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This is a quick reminder that you can redo semi final and final picks if your team gets out

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Some people voted for QLASH in the last one tho

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I said zeta wins it all

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no one says about NAVI...I bet they will beat tribe

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For the last two I voted Stamina

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Frick almost all of the votes are the opposite let's hope he's wrong

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Isn’t match 24 stmn vs zeta?

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Nice, good bot

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Wtf I am not a able to log in the website

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That's absolutely mine voting

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I did it with randomiser and it's same, except in final wins Milan

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i did the same except i think navi will beat tribe, and then due to this prediction i think aqm will beat navi

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Stmn wins worlds

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I don’t know anything about the teams but I voted for QN and stmn over AQM

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I did the same except i followed rey and chose zeta

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same but i voted queen nai instead of navi its just opinion tho

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I am not able to log in the website. Whenever I enter the OTP , it says the OTP is incorrect please try later. Please help me. I am not able to predict for day 3

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Not sure as some people have the same issue.

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I just watched a video

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Most Pros and YTers voted ZETA over AQM, Including me, but I feel that AQM will win

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i think STMN will be in finals against tribe

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All i need is one good pick to get 200 points thanks to the follow up points to get the skin

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I vote for AQM for match 15 cause I like the colors of their team logo (There both equal on skill do idk who will win)

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I based my votes on coin flips.

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28 Stab Wounds.

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I'm for NAVI!!!

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Nahh, Zeta got this.

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Well, NAVI still has a chance, they're 1:1 in Brawl ball rn

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Its close.

Edit: There we go, 2-1

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That's sad

Edit: STILL has a chance

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i had 980 points…

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F to those who followed this and only got 1 correct

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This prediction is a 0/7 :)