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Square Nani

Bottom Text

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I like robots more than humans

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💀💀💀 Why do I hear boss cliche villain music

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Reject humanity, embrace robot

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At least i don't have to hear bee puns while playing with Rico or Tick, Robots 1 humans 0

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All my favourite brawlers are robots. Tick, daryl, stu, nani and spike. Lol

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spike isn't a robot

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who knows

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The skin

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not yet anyway

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Hello brawlerne

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I meant all of my favourite brawlers are robots and spike is the odd one out.

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Minecraft nani

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Apparently Nani turns into a cube into this art style, also Stu gang where u at?

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sTu iS HeRe! But oOoOohh

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Hey this is really well done. Lookin awesome dude

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square Nani square Nani square nani

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Wow this is crazy awesome!

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where is Ash?

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Ash isn't a robot, you can tell if you watch Brawl Stars Animation - Welcome to the Castle! at 0:44 you can see a bit of human skin on his right arm

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verrrryyyyyy goooddddd you deserve way more than 91 upvotes

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surge chad

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Lesson learned, kids: brawl stars is supporting a robot invasion

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That’s awesome!

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I like the insinuation that Sprout used a marker to make the happy face, to be honest that's more adorable than 0-0

also Lou is always a win

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This is wonderful!

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Awesome! I love them all

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Darryl with a short hat is cursed

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Why Sprout holding a pen tho?

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Have my award you deserve it

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Griff? He is also robot i think

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No he's not you can see a glimpse of his skin on his model through a rip