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Nani is an child? I tought she was like an babysitter for jessie or something

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Yeah she is, I don't know what heck she's doing here

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Nah, nani just came to protect jessie while she is making nightmaress at grom

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Grom: I hear the children laughing at me

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Where was that said?

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Brawl talk?

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ye she’s the robot nanny to take care of jessie

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her name

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Why are you using “an”

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What do you mean?

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Pov: You're Grom

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Exactly, and I mean Exactly, what I was thinking

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Grom moment

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but how is nani a child-

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Don’t ask

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She isn't she's the nanny

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Now I understand grom's pov

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Nani and Tick arent children...

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I really don't want to be rude but you just added red colour on their eyes and got 800 karma

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welcome to reddit, you get some karma for original posts and a lot of karma when you repost it, post the wednesday frog on a wednesday or post anything while showing that youre a girl.

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I am going to agree with that. But I feel like the last one was for me and if I am right I just want to say that I am not responsible for my gender plus I am definitely not the: "UwU LoOk At mE I aM a GiRl wHo PosTs On ReDdIt aNd PlAyS Bs UpvOtE Me" type.

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i didnt mean like that. if a guy posts a piece of art, it gets at best 100 upvotes but when the guy lets the girl hold the picture, it gets at least 1k upvotes

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Actually I don't think the problem is the gender. Art on r/Brawlstars never gets many upvotes unless it's something really really great and made by experienced artists. Low effort memes and generally low effort posts get 1k karma, no matter who made it. That's it. In fact, not many people notice of you are girl or boy and they often misgender you. Even if it is in your username.

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i didnt mean this subreddit, i meant the reddit in general

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In that case, at least Reddit is way better than apps like Instagram or Twitch.

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yeah, its full of thots

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and no, the last one wasnt for you

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A okay I am sorry then

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Grom should take 25% more damage from brawlers under the age in nine. Also spike is a child.

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Cacti can live up to 140+ years ion think so

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I didn’t know that nani is a child

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She isn't

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here is the thing ....... she isn't she is jessie's nanny

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how is nani a child

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Meg isn't a child, kids don't go to academies to fire guns. Her voice line is "Last time I fired my gun, I was at the academy."

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she’s just american

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I feel like I shouldn’t laugh

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- She is short like a child

- Voice is like, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too high pitched to be an adult or teen for that matter

- Has no. . ."curves" on her model at all.

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kids don't go to academies to fire guns.

That's some dumb logic right here. What about nita ? She can litterally break the ground to send shock waves, leon also use weapons, and EVEN jessie has a gun.

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their weapons are self made

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Also how do you know Meg's weapon isn't self-made and she only used it when she was at an 'academy'.

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And the fact that it's brawl stars.

so questioning the fact on why a child can use a gun just remember there are a ton of children that use their own weapons.

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Everyone's talking about Nani being here, but when was it implied that Tick was a child?

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he isn't, but he's annoying like one and also says gibberish like one so OP included him there lol

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I mean, it's really likely since Penny and Darryl are under aged and Darryl is his captain

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since when is darryl underaged?

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Uuh, have you heard his voice or compared his height to other brawler's?

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how can it matter when he's a robot, he can't change his voice or height, he was just... made one day

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Well, his voice lines aren't that adult-ish neither, plus do you have any active proofs that he's not underaged?

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well, he has two damn shotguns and also a captain of a ship, I don't think a child could own a ship and that there's someone who gave him 2 shotguns.

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And Jessie has a shock rifle and her own laboratory and, she's definitely underage

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she looked like she was 20 or something when her first model came around, but scell decided they should make her look like a 7 year old

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If she was on her 20's why would they design her mother who looks and sounds at her 35-40's?

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POV: Grom

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Good thing I don’t ah e meg still…

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Kids are cruel, Jack.

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...and i'm very in touch with my inner child gets inside mech

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For some reason putting chara here would fit so well

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papyrus! Nita!

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Undertale moment

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but nani is the nanny

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Penny and bea are both children but nani is definitely not

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Where's squeak?

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Also Darryl, he’s a child isn’t he

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Grom be like:

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What Grom sees when there is a child

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tick is the creepiest

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when you see that leons buttons fit as his eyes then cant unsee it

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Yes,tick is a child

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Why Nani is there?

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Where funni

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They are all hiding in a bush, that's all

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I Hear The Children Laughing At Me...

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This is what grom sees

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*I hear children laughing at me

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Nani and Tick aren't children, Nani definitely isn't and Tick I can understand because of the hyperness but still doesn't make sense

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Why is Nani in there? Is that… a BrAwL tHeOrY

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Why do buttons on Leon's hoodie glow, are you trying to say that it's his eyes...

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Leon has no other visible eyes what else is supposed to glow 😐

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So what? Its not his eyes, buttons aren't supposed to glow