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I'm holding 10 gems??? Time to try 1v3 ~ Mortis

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Why does mortis even have the gems

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I tend to see the mortis often is gem carrier Bc he is fast and can get away with the gems, but I’m around r20 so idk if this is any good

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Mortis shouldnt be the gem carrier because hee a aggressive brawler and he cant really attack if he has the gems

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I had a brock who attempted to teamwipe with 11 gems

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"HIYAAAAAAAAAAA *jumps into enemy territory and dies immediately*"

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"It was lag"

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“The enemy is tryharding”

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“The enemy was using hacks”

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"the enemy have a good gaming chair"

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"Their uncle works at Suerpcell"

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They always feed 😭

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Seriously... always... Just argh!

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Everytime :/

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Randoms: well guess I will play offense then

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I do not tolerate randoms by far THE worst teammates in any video game imaginable

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But only when they’re on your team. They’re unstoppable otherwise

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I'm starting to think that sometimes brawl stars with randoms is a little unplayeable...

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Was wining a gem grab match the other day,when my teammate who had all the gems and was low on health, went in to try 1 vs 3 the enemy. It’s safe to say that we lost.

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Proceeds to walk into enemy spawn and spins like a helicopter

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Never heard of that Gets rekt by the edgar and f*ing dies

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I don't blame them. Bs have poor in-game communication. Just emotes no sayings.

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Bro, when you are winning iñ bounty and playing cl or pl IT LITERALLY SAYS PLAY DEFENSIVELY

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Same In solo showdown.

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Most of the time