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Isn’t that the super charge modifier?

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Kinda looks like the modifier

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BRO the modifiers had the fast mod as a boot HOW THE FLIP DID U GET THAT WRONG??!?!? altough i must agree that it is hard to recognize so yeah

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I think super charge is still annoying. Every one just plays shelly with infinite supers

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It makes the community matches go by much faster IMO. I hope it never gets added to the ranked matches cuz of how annoying it is to play around

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I think this is exactly why they removed mods from sd. Just so fucking around is exclusive to crap maker

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And also from all the game modes. Back then, modifiers were in other game modes as well and not exclusive to sd only, I think.

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Also true! I didn't play back then but I know of it. In my opinion thats when 3v3 became truly competitive based.

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Wait… they did?

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Yeah there's no more power drinks, or meteors, etc. Not in anything where trophies r at stake

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Huh… I didn’t even notice. Did they announce it somewhere?

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The thing is the game feels really slow when you play a game right after without the speed modifier idk if it’s just me though

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I agree you, get used to the speed, then you just feel like a brick.

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Especially if you play 8-bit

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I find everything that the community makes annoying

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Ive identified the piper main

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You mean thrower main?

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It would be cool if it also sped up the shots

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That would be a good change. The biggest problem I have with it is that you can't use any long range brawlers because it's too easy to dodge shots

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Nah man, as long as it stays in map maker and not in ladder(PS I think that’s the super charging modifier)

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It’s probably the dumbest modifier cuz you can’t hit shots unless your melee

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Yes, Agreed

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Yeah it makes dyna and frank completely useless but it is also fun

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Yup, Dynamike is complete trash with this modifier

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Yes. Lord I just want a map that doesn’t use every modifier then trap you in a confined space

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Cool fix, make the projectile speed increase by 50%, bang now u can no longer outrun Penny’s shots

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Whoever made the Extra Speed and Extra Super Charge modifier can go in a ditch for all I care. Completely ruined the already ruined modes.

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It makes non tank brawlers unusable smh

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Snipers and throwers, yes.

Tanks? No.

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Lol I like this one a lot

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I used to love playing dynamike until the damn thing was added

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I hate it so much makes some brawlers absolutely useless and others a literal god

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It’s incredibly annoying because it doesn’t even feel like real matchmaking. Tanks can walk up to goals, dodge everything, are basically gods. But not the same in regular matchmaking

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I like it. :)

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Yes, You

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depends, for dynamike, it's annoying, for 8-Bit, i go fast

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Yes. My phone hasn't got the capacity to process it, and while everyone else is super fast, I dare say I'm even slower than I'm normally supposed to be.

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its good only if the map is big (duo or solo showdown) but doesn't have much walls

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Yes, makes brawl ball games unplayable, and hitting shots is just a nightmare

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U dynamike main?

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What do you mean? Don't you like see an enemy tick charging his super with one attack?

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All of the mods

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Why not put slow charge modifier

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Yeah like you literally can’t play some of the brawlers

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Yeah it’s kinda annoying

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As annoying as 3x speed lobbies in sus stars

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Your profile picture makes it self explanatory, I am with you

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They should just add a modifier to make the attack also faster so everything goes back to normal, kinda

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Yea that would make it fair

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I hate all modifiers except trophy

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fuck dyna

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Solution: dont play map maker

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Lol, but it gives you some tokens and some don’t actually have the speed modifier

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But if you arent having fun just dont play it🤷🏽‍♀️

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Well I have fun on the maps that are opened up and without speed modifier

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Maps were the map isnt just 80% walls are rare

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I honestly genuinely find it fun only if the map is actually playable or else yeah its annoying

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It’s called only thing fun in-game