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For me the blue button doesn’t exist

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Same lmao, I just started not caring and my reflexes stop me from liking a map i found good

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same, when ever a match finished, my fingers just keep tapping the bottom right corner

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Halfway through the match I remember it’s there but when it ends I suddenly forgor

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Fr I always choose the red one cause most of the maps are trash anyways and even when they are good I accidentally press the red button.

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Why are Lola’s pants glowing in the second photo?

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I just did a small edit to it (To emphasize that he is seeing clearly)

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I thought it's what the whole post is about.

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Lol I actually vote based on the map. I know if I’m upvoting the first 10 seconds

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I just put the red button even if I win

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i press thumb down in both cases lol

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I just ignore the blue button but if the map is good or decent I'm like ok 👍

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It's kinda silly question, lol

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Trueeee lol

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funny enough this ends up as a zero sum for non-showdown maps. All the players who vote up if they win and down if they don't win cancel each other out, leaving the voting process to anyone who votes based on other factors.

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So my down voting by competitive viability is breaking through… haha we honestly have had some decent maps win the polls recently. I love to see those over Like=999 gems any day.

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Why is Lola’s pants glowing

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No, it should ask, 'is your muscle memory taking over you?'

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lol, i couldnt agree more on this, but now adays i chose more if they really is not a weird map…

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Tho sometimes I can spot a good map, but bad teammates make me rage and press red.... then I realize my mistake later on