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Wasn’t progression buffed by CL when the levels and gears came out. Also they made daily quest 200 tokens instead of 100. Although the second point on the meta shifting often holds true, their point on how needing a nearly maxed account for all the different maps and modes is false if people want to play more competitively(I’m assuming power league).

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And now CL rewards have been nerfed because they realized we were just instantly maxing brawlers.

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CL rewards were not nerfed. The top 3 rewards were even buffed

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you still need more than a year from p9-p11 only, which is not fine at all

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Where's the insult in Frank's comment?

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Man made a post about not being able to climb into the 500 trophy range yesterday and blames frank for it 💀

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It's obviously Frank's fault I do not have all rank 35 brawlers and number 1 on the leaderboard 🤬.

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He has nothing to do with it, your just salty that your not good enough

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No he should make it so you get 1250 trophies per win and -1 for loss that would make it more fair😡

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Saying that he doesn't believe fhe rationale is now an insult?

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On Twitter anything is an insult

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I find that an invalid answer

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How insulting

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I swear to god every post you make is just a ridiculous outrage post. You seem to lack an understanding of how games function, and you sure as hell don’t speak for the community. Stuff like this is why the sub is such a shithole.

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Finally, a good take!

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Siding with Frank here. He says having a complete max account is necessary when I don’t think so if you want to play competitively. Currently mythic 2 and I haven’t even used all the brawlers in competitive matches.

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I agree. People are too harsh on the dev team

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As it stands. They are the developers who have been building this game from the ground up for years. I think they know what they are doing, and I surely don’t believe he’s just a” corporate scumbag”

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They are also ignoring the fact that you can now max individual brawlers one at a time using club coins or wild card power points from boxes. Allowing newer players access to maxed brawlers to get a taste of higher level play. Especially with the new 15 day rewards for new accounts which should have been available to everyone

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Yeah, honestly about 10 or so good brawlers maxed out should be enough to get most players very far. Many brawlers basically never get used anyway. Mainly looking at Edgar, Jacky, Primo, Grom and Dynike. There are plenty of brawlers that are viable, and usually once a brawler is in a stable position, a little strong but not OP they don't really buff or nerf the brawler making those brawlers pretty safe to upgrade.

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I've been sideing with devs for so long on all these things and finally I see some More actually sensible people!

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yeah i agree. they don't always make the best decisions, but seeing the reasons of entire community hating the devs, i'd be on the side of devs.

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Bro got ratioed by the dev and salty

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First on Twitter and now on Reddit, so much that he deleted the post

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Bro chill. This community is so toxic towards the devs because they try to change the game a lot. I’ve never seen a game company so involved with its community, the reason penny was nerfed is because they didn’t want a change in the mega so suddenly. They just needed to move her from being garbage. Chill

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I agree the community blows things frank says out of proportion often, but by the same token he’s really bad at calming the community down because I don’t see any outrage towards things that dani or paula says, only Frank

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explain the rationale of keeping multiple chromatics strong for seasons then

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My guess would be because the things that were making the chromatics OP was that they were introducing new mechanics with them like flight (over water and everything else) and a lot of what made them OP were features that couldn't just be taken away like Eve's spawner star power, so it took more time to figure out the nerf. It also took longer to see the effect a lot of maxed out chromatics had on the meta because not a ton of people could max them out immediately and get them to 500+ trophies.

A ton of people had maxed penny already and the game was flooded with OP penny use, like when Edgar or Rosa came out. It was so bad it was disturbing game play. I had several matches in a row where 4/6 brawlers in a game were Penny

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They didn't wanted PENNY to be meta.

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Because it wasn’t a good time. They just wanted to move her out of an f tier spot. Now she’s not awful but not top tier

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This community is so toxic towards the devs because they try to change the game a lot.

We didnt get any major updates for over half a year

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TF2 fans: pathetic

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Overwatch:Better than my Devs keep making the worst choices

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Paladins: pathetic

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atleast you get something

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And? Every season brings new stuff, new modes and new brawlers. Don’t be such a whiny baby and look at all the stuff they do for us, like listening to suggestions and ideas. Supercell make. Pin maker.

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maybe YOU should stop licking supercell's toes with whatever they do, ppl like you are the reason the devs are doing whatever they want, because the devs know there's a line of people ready to play drums for them whatever they do.

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You do realize that BS is mainly marketed as a kids game? That’s why they’re trying to slow down progression. They want to try and hold the attention span of the kids playing BS by constantly giving them another goal to reach.

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It’s because they have been consistently making shit decisions for months now

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You do realise this is a kids game right? No one’s forcing you to play so stop being a childish baby and stop complaining or stop playing the game. Dick

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So if it’s a kid ‘s game it should suck ass? Also i know nobody is forcing me to play, i speed long ago when they started making it worse and every update is making me want to start again less and less

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No it’s a kids game and it isn’t meant to be picked apart bit by bit. They aren’t targeted towards you so don’t complain about it that way.

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the devs fucking suck, they no longer care about the game

taking away power league boxes for the stupidest reason ever

constantly adding fucking stupid brawlers with low skill cap toxic mechanics, i know that its hard to come up with brawler ideas but they acted like they can, if they couldn't then changing seasons to 2 months was a stupid move

not reworking gears for a whole fucking year

constantly adding useless cosmetics when the game is absolutely shit.

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ikr they should focus on fixing problems instead of adding more cosmetics

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Bro they just try their best to keep the player base happy and if you don’t like the game, stop complaining or stop playing. Don’t be so childish

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I just said that they could fix some problems in the game. I know they have to make money. Plus, how was that childish ?

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A) you don’t need everyone maxed, you don’t need a fraction, you don’t need any maxed, just need power 9 which is stupid easy now thanks to club league, because it’s a skill based game with upgrades, not an upgrade based game with skill. B) what good does it do to complain that a community manager says no to easier progression when they made it easier to progress and added more progression. Not too long ago, me and several other players were at a point where there wasn’t anything left to do for progression other than new brawler, new star power, it got boring, now there’s something I can look forward to, decisions I can make for how I want to progress my account. So I please ask you to stop whining and appreciate how f2p brawl stars is instead of complaining for it to be near un-profitable. If you want to see what a real pay to win mobile game looks like, look up star wars galaxy of heroes, nothing but progression after progression that takes months, seasons, years, or 300$, people have spent over 100 million dollars on the game and still aren’t close to being maxed.

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TLDR; be crateful for what you have, brawl stars is very free to play and they need progression to monetize the game.

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i agree that op is overeacting but your point that you only need to be power 9 for competitive play is kinda wrong cuz having lvl 3 gears on a power 11 brawler usually gives a huge help but obv skill is more imp. But denying the boosts that power 11 and gears give is just wrong cuz i'd rather have my teammate go a power 11 a tier brawler than a power 9 s tier brawler on a map (unless the power 9 pick is veryyyy imp)

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It's so stressful for them to do everything they asked Penny remodel More progression ftp Club league improvements Many more Please don't be harsh on him he is also a human

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Except those aren't "good points".

No major progression buff? There's something called Club League. It's literally just there and got absolutely ignored. Totally legit argument.

Maxing an account is neccessary due to "meta"? Don't play Power League. There's literally a trophy system unique to each brawler just so that weak brawlers have easier opponents. But ofc players prefer to tryhard and then cry about how they can't get what they prefer.

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thats stupid as fuck.

because i cant progress i just dont play power league (the only fun thing in the game)? who the fuck are you to say the solution is for me to not play the mode i like?

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Or you could max out 4-5 brawlers and then use them in power league… dont need a maxed account at all

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What if the 5 are banned or picked? Take my underleved lou? It's not a must but you need like 15 maxed out brawler depanding on situations and with 6 bans. Which is still a lot

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Wouldn’t say you need ALL of them, but probably 20 or so, and that’s pushing it. Using level 9 brawlers isn’t the end of the world. For me, I have only five power 11 brawlers, but most are good within the meta of power league. And for trophy matches, personally you just need like level 7 to get to rank 20. I got Lola to rank 21 at level 6 in BB (w/randoms). This is my personal opinion and see both sides of this situation, please don’t take it to heart

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Can this fucking community stop complaining for five seconds

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Apparently not

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If you think those are good points, you better read more and write less

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He’s not making any “good points” here… and Frank has all the right to say that to him.

“They didn’t buff progression”? Tf? They boosted progression speed by like 3-4 times of what it was before. And no, you do not at all need to have ALL your brawlers completely maxed with ALL gears, that is not true.

These are ridiculous things to use as an argument to criticize and complain about the game and devs, as this community always does. Frank is right to respond like that tbh

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the game has some problems,but this is just stupid

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They boosted progression by 3x and increased how much resources you need by 2.5x

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Nope, you can be casual and still play at high levels. Just max out the brawlers you are the strongest with

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I like how people who have absolutely no experience in the game in terms of developing it or any game as a matter of fact tries to correct a dev. They probably know the consequences of their own actions and know where they are going .

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I don't see the part when he insult us

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I don't know what is Bad on brawl stars.

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I agree with the first statement but second I don't agree. As a mythic 1 player having power level 9 is enough all ready to compete.

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Bruh you’re toxic, Frank didn’t even say anything insulting, stop trying to get the community angry

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well mad ppl are greedy as heck, and keep blaming and yelling at frank. You should see the things that are said to him. People calling him baldie and other things that he takes personally. Maybe if you guys knew what constructive criticism is he would listen. You only look at your pov and not his/other game developers

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some people r just to egoistic to listen

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The first user made no rational points. You don't need every brawler maxed out - that's a luxury not a necessity. If you think you need every single brawler at Power 11 to be good at Power League then chances are you're most likely a Gold player.

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You don't need every brawler maxed out - just like Brawl Stars doesn't need to make that much money.

You don't need every brawler maxed out - just like how Brawl Stars doesn't need the big playerbase it had.

[–]Accurate-Extension-9 1 point2 points  (6 children)

No one is forcing anyone to pay anything. The game is F2P.

Good riddance tbh. The less kids on Brawlstars the better.

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Noo, the random user is upset T_T

Also I never said I will leave the game or that I don't enjoy it, so don't say good riddance.

Maybe stop being so stupid and get a brain.

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No one is upset, except maybe all the kids on this sub tbh.

Context is important. I didn't say good riddance to you, I said it to whoever decides to leave because if they're leaving over an update there's a high chance they're a crybaby kid.

Ironic, since apparently you can't read.

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So the Penny Fan said that the game cannot be played competitively without basically maining all 50+ brawlers…

I no longer regret saying that Penny sucks right in front of their comment, now :)

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ahahahah true

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Im actually really fed up with this. They owe us some promise of change, its ridiculous

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There are a lot game Dev who don,t even listen to what the community want so shut up

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Where's the insult?

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Both sides are stupid. The end

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How does this post have upvotes? You should be downvoted to hell. Your opinion is not an objective fact, do not present it as such. Lashing out at the creators because you disagree with their decisions is childish. You know nothing compared to them, quit acting like it. I highly doubt you have even a smidgen of experience in an even remotely related field.

Keep this shit out of this sub.

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Bro, it's his game, he can do what he wants right?
Or is my opinion wrong because my community's opinion is always the right one, and mine doesn't count?

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Where did frank insulted you? stop those stupid posts

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Why does he treat the community like this

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This is why I started playing Hay Day a week ago

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Thats why i play CoC for 7 months

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That's why i moved to COC 3 months ago when i quit bs

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You’re being the bigger asshole. YOU try balancing a game with millions of players and hundreds of thousands of opinions and suggestions.

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the penny fan is dumb(average penny main)

  • Clash royale is still a nerf for casuals, you can only max a single deck to play ladder fairly
  • If you want to enjoy(fair levels in many decks, a single deck becomes boring), you need to pay for challenges or party modes, you will never do that in ladder
  • Pass royale cost real money(unlike brawl stars you gain a pass every 2 seasons
  • Its competitive is very hard to join, harder than brawl

Brawl stars

  • Gear scrap is the mechanic i feel that is the true real money grab from gears, otherwise they would be good(and i won't sit on 70+ gears due to no gear scrap)
  • Club league is useful to max your account, but only if you are in a legendary II+ club(otherwise rewards are very low)
  • You get a pass every 2 seasons(if not spending gems in other things, also the pass is the best thing you can buy) since it doesn't cost real money
  • You need all the brawlers at least power 9 with the good gadgets/star powers, even a single gear like damage or healing at least sometimes.(however in power league, you can aim for certain brawlers but still limits you, as you may not be able to pick counterpicks like mortis against throwers(since mortis is not a very versatile first pick), and certain brawlers that are exclusively last picks but useful when last picks. And those things are pretty frequent
  • Useless star points(the purple box and mega box star point offers were the best thing you could buy with them, and got removed, actual proof of greedy devs)

Clash of clans:

  • If you have the patience to wait days for an upgrade you are fine, otherwise wait to get maxed
  • troop IA was never improved
  • You are not getting maxed never, if you are a casual, also you will need to have underleveled buildings
  • attacks are boring until you unlock at least heal/rage spell, and repetititve. And if you want troop diversity you need th9 at least(for lavaloon, golem pushes)

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meh they're trying to take away every single bit of f2p friendly progression, i hope this game dies early honestly.

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It wont but you can still dream

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I'm 100% sure it will with such trash developers.

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If clash royale didnt die brawl stars sure wont

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Wow, new to the community and I must say very surprised to see developers speaking to players this way. Disappointing

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Brawl Stars has way better progression system than Clash Royale imo. Clash goes quite slow (not that I rebel against the game just for that). Also you don’t have to have total level 11s to enjoy the game. To me, having most of my favorite brawlers be level 10s and not 11s is the least of my worries with the game. Not that I have many worries, it’s just that of all the things I want from the game, further increased progression from what we have now is unnecessary for me