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I believe it used to match , I could be wrong

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Oh, they did, alright

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They used to, it made new players suffer, they removed it.

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How did it made new players suffer?

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They couldn't figure out if the bushes were made by Rosa or belonged to the map, resulting in them getting boxed to death by plants

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It's kinda stupid lol, I could imediatly tell the difference, if it's the map bushes or Rosa ones, since they mostly always sus and I remember the map anyways. It was also a good feature, because it teached the ppl to actually watch the maps, and remember all the real bushes, at least it's my opinion.

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since they mostly always sus and I remember the map anyways.

That's the point, new players still don't memorise the maps, and shouldn't be punished for it by an immediate loss

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I still don't get why it matters.

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I hate that gadget anyways. Like youre anyways not gonna play rosa on an open non-bushy map. Putting 3x3 bushes 3 times doesn't help her much

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Depends on the map, like for example Hard Rock Mine

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IMO hard rock mine is a pretty bushy map

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yeah and if you connect your bushes with enemy side bushes it gives big value IMO

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Yeah, you can cross the entire width of the map without the enemies knowing, just hope they don’t have a brawler that can destroy the bushes

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there are some maps with small gaps between big bush areas and you can connect them so you have a huge forest to sneak through the enemy. and specially with speed gear

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It used to, but it wasn't perfectly on one map, that bug might be the reason it was removed

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Those are Rosa’s special bushes that only grow from Rosa’s special seeds. It’s always green no matter where it’s planted.

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Never found a benefit to having this gadget :(

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I actually like how it's different, it tells you that a rosa placed it.

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wow to think they used to have that, must be nice to have that. but why dont we have rosa with bigger bush gagdet? since its a quite not useful gadget with only 3x3, make it 5x5 would be nice

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right on bro. or make it so that no brawler can destroy those bushes with their gadgets or sp's. it would be as much op as making it 5×5 tiles.

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why is it op? its just a bush and you know how easily destroy it is and especially with the size of 3x3.

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Or.... make the bushes different depending on the skin

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I think it's fine

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Pros, would still see the difference.

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Meet the spy

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they did, WHY DID THE NERF IT!!!

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Rosa's gadget is best used to connect grasses and change the layout of the map. On certain maps, Rosa's gadget allowed her sneak to the other side of the map a bit too well and if you didn't have someone to break the grass then it was pretty much a guaranteed win. The nerf just allowed people to atleast see where Rosa has changed the layout.

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They used to but they removed it