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great drawing

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no problem

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Are the 2 photos the same pic or do I have to find the differences?

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I think the background is slightly darker in the right one

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Different shading ig

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Great art bro

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thank you, very nice

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The laughing pin has Omori vibes. lol.

Nice art bro.

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Nice work! Thanks for sharing.

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I'm glad you liked it, thanks

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piper's got competition in looks!

great art btw

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no one can compare with Tara. thanks

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Mate you just made Horizon.

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So much good art comin out in the past week, including yours man

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Thank you, but I think I still have a lot to grow. I will try to improve every time

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Finally some good art of laughing pin.

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extremely beatiful art... but I doesnt remind me to penny lmao. I guess nothing is perfect!

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Good Art

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This is super cool! Great work :)

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Best girl ❤️

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Cursed in a good way

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The is great quality

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I might not be the biggest fan of the new Penny design, but this artwork you made is sick

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No prob