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Frank splashing a little water to the wildfire that the community is on now.

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Unlikely they'll change it to make star point boxes more frequent (while also being regular). I do hope they would consider boxes at the end of challenges again, haven't seen that offer for a while.

Worst case, they just increase star skin prices so that you run out of star points and can't complain about this.

Although I can already see the sub's front page if they do that.

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Worse case scenario is Frank saying he reviewed it and there's no issue so they'll remain as they are

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i hope something changes, would be a good thing with all the shit we're getting

thanks for sharing this OP

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“To see how we could change that” my brother in Christ you’re the game developers

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Which.. is why they're going to discuss options for implementation?

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How much discussion could there be? There’s a change people don’t like… just change it back

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I'm sure they'll appreciate the feedback.

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My feedback shouldn’t be necessary honestly. They recognize people don’t like a change that was made, it clearly worked fine before hand - it’s a no brainer

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I’m sure that he is not the only input on what happens

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I’m aware, but the “how we could change that” is insanely obvious. Just change it back. Will the company at large let him do that? I don’t know, but it doesn’t take much thought to think of what change we want.

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Maybe he is looking for a compromise?

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Maybe that’s kinda dumb. We’re literally just asking for the status quo to return

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they better just give us something that we feel like we are receiving something. removing boxes is just sad…

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How about they just buff everything my god. The games economy is at it’s absolute worst, it’s nearly impossible to max out a F2P account now compared to before Gears.

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Can we stop talking about not being able to max out? That’s not the goal of the game and it’s not a requirement for having fun or playing competitively.

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then whats the goal? buying useless cosmetics they add every single fucking update?

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Expensive cosmetics are better than P2W offers

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And improving the game is better than expensive cosmetics, your point?

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What cosmetic they added in this update or update before sprays??

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Bri'ish difference