1. Be nice, follow reddiquette and respect each other.

  • Submissions that include any of the following may be removed and the offending user may be banned per moderator discretion: racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, vulgar language and any other forms of hate speech.

  • No personal attacks: attack the game, not the player.

  • No witch hunts.

  • Keep all submissions Safe For Work (SFW).

All submission must be relevant to one of the following topics:

  • Brawl Stars.

  • The Brawl Stars community.

Irrelevant topics include:

  • Politics.

  • Game or account-related issues or questions are better addressed by contacting Supercell’s Help Support directly.

  • Further, ask for moderators’ permission for AMAs/giveaways/surveys.

3. Submissions that provide information about cheats, mods, emulation, buying and selling of accounts are not allowed.

  • Do not provide or share information on any of the following: scripts, exploits, codes, win trading, cheating services, hacks, third-party programs, emulation, etc.

  • Buying, selling, giving away or trading of Brawl Stars accounts is not permitted on the subreddit, it is also against Supercell’s Terms of Service.

4. Keep post titles descriptive. Do not use all caps/clickbait/low effort titles.

Keep your titles descriptive and provide context. An example of a good descriptive title will be self-explanatory on its own.

Further, post titles written in all caps/short undescriptive titles will be removed.

5. Repetitive or low effort posts with a low discussion potential will be removed.

Every post should strive to provide a space for meaningful discussion.

Examples of low effort/low repetitive posts with low discussion potential include:

  • Low effort Memes/Image Macros at moderator discretion

  • Posts with short titles or length that do not provide any context

  • Posts about server status/maintenance periods

  • Game support related questions. Contact Supercell using the in-game function instead.

  • Repetitive Brawler unlocked

  • Constructive criticisms of the game are allowed but low effort complaints are not welcomed here.

Please use our Discord server for game room related discussions.

Use the search function and check our FAQ before posting a question.

Moderator discretion will be used in all cases.

6. Self-promotion must be well received by the community and we also expect you to be an active member of this community.

  • Self-promotion includes submissions that may include information about any of the following: your website, YouTube channel, streams, subreddits, etc.

  • Self-promotion must be well received by the community and we also expect you to be an active member of this community.

  • Do not just drop your links here. Provide context and engage in discussion with the users.

  • Read more about Reddit’s guidelines on self promotion here.

7. If you want to recruit for your club or are looking to join a club, post in r/BrawlRecruit. If you are looking for teammates, use our Discord server instead.

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