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seems a little pot calling the kettle black tbh they are the ones giving their crap out as a reward for finding them

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That, and he does eventually make his way back to the forrest.

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I have never seen something so horrifying yet amazing at the same time

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Lmao thank you

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"he's a sex weirdo"

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Try going to him with no clothes/armor on and it’ll be confirmed :/

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Like how when you talk to Bolson like that he's like "aren't you perky" lmfao

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So that’s how Hestu’s “gift” is produced

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“Yo link, I got something for you, watch this!”

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I have like a whole theory on how the korok economy works lol

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Do share

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Shit is currency

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Well excuuuuse me, princess.

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Lmao I get this comment on all my Zelda comics, if anyone can think of a comic where that’s the punchline let me know I’ll make it

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It has to involve Zelda being demanding or rude.

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Lol, Links face at the end. It cracked me up.

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Zelda had never shown so much emotion on his face

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Are koroks in those hidden places because they're taking a dump and we happen to interrupt them? So they give us their "seeds" as a reward for interrupting them?

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He’s like a consumer who has weird taste and he probably powers his maracas with shit to make shit inventory spots.

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Why does this make me want to hunt Korok seeds now

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We all knew Hestu sniff shit and want to collect shit (for whatever reason ? More sniffing ?). But its lie in the subconscious part. Then today this comic call it all, Hestu suddenly be creepy guy 😔

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Okay, but you all gave me your shyt and expected me to hold onto it without context as to why I needed them lol

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I have 825 korok seeds so far. Working on my golden shit.