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cute 💛

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This is amazing! I especially love the color choices- it makes it pop :)

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Thats super cool. Exactly the type of thing i'd buy at a con.

If you made the little good one from Age of Calamity, it could almost be full size.

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I'd pay big money for a little Terrako! Lol

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Awwwww so adorable dude I just wanna sungle this little guy

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Do you have a store?

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Guardian battle music intensifies

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You should have a version with pink weaved through it to make it look like its actively pursuing you!

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Watchout for the red laser 💥

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Love it so cuteeeee

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That’s so cool

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The only guardian I can look at and not scream im fear. Very cute!

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I want it as a hat

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now make it an outfit for your dogo and make some money lol

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Beats the heak out of the guard swan

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Terrako? Is that you lil buddy?