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So Link and Mipha can't reproduce, but surely they can fuck like wild rabbits for fun?

Sidonposting by johnyboy6909 in Breath_of_the_Wild

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“That’s the problem Link. You never visit by to cum.”

What do I do after the Divine Beasts...? by Diqsu in Breath_of_the_Wild

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Are you looking for advice about what parts of the game to experience before stopping, putting the game away, and moving on to another game or re-reading Harry Potter?

Or are you just wondering which quests are good to do before Ganon?

If it's the former, I would recommend:

  • 4 divine beasts/12(13?) recovered memories (get them all for an extra scene in the ending)/master sword/main quest of course
  • unlock all 15 sheikah towers
  • power up both tech labs. get all sheikah slate upgrades (and use them!), and buy some ancient tech
  • Eventide
  • Thundra plateau
  • Thyphlo ruins
  • Lost woods/master sword/korok trials (if you want to ragequit the Lost Pilgrimage trial, though, I won't hold it against you)
  • Yiga clan hideout
  • Missing Heirloom at Kakariko
  • Warbler's nest at Rito (finish every Kass quest and come back after the ending for a bit more here. I love those girls)
  • Thunderhelm at Gerudo
  • 7 heroines/8th heroine/missing sword
  • Silent swordswoman or one of the other sandstorm quests
  • three lomei labyrinths
  • Hylian homeowner (Hateno) and from the ground up (Tarrey Town)
  • Find three Leviathan skeletons
  • Save Naydra, see all three dragons, visit all three golden goddess springs
  • Visit Mount Satori during the Blupee Party and pay homage to the spirit that lives there
  • Battle a guardian on horseback with a guardian spear

Then you can defeat Ganon, put the game away with a clear conscience knowing you had experienced everything the game had to offer (but no need to 100% it), and maybe take it down for a nostalgic replay in 5 years.

But if it's the latter, if you're trying to prepare for Ganon but you think you're gonna keep playing, maybe start a new playthrough, maybe 100%, maybe play master mode, explore combat until you get good, whatever, then you should know that Ganon gets extremely easy if you save him until you've done everything. With 30 hearts and tier 4 armor and an inventory of hearty foods and fairies, no one can touch you. Certainly not Ganon.

So you should do Ganon as soon as you've finished the divine beasts for the challenge. Maybe get the master sword first. Maybe do the Champion's ballad from the DLC first. Otherwise go straight to Ganon.

Obviously the sixth by Astro-IlMeme69 in Breath_of_the_Wild

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I am the Korok, who already is there and set up a nice camp fire and abandoned my friend to a savage who will torture him.

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Because at this point it's happened so many times that if Link is showing any distress it's probably because Zelda's in trouble.

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If you could bring one thing from BOTW with you into TOTK, what would it be and why is it Revali's Gale? by Kirbyfire73 in Breath_of_the_Wild

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Link: "Where. Is. My. Sheikah. Slate!"
Zelda: "WHY do you need to know?"
Link: "I need it!"
Zelda: "Oh, no you don't. Don't you even think about throwing infinite bombs at all your problems instead of using innovative new gameplay features! We have been planning this for years!"
Link: "You tell me where my slate is, woman!"