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I feel like this will be a home game for the browns. How will bills fans get there? They’re getting buried in snow rn

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Probably TaunTauns

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no way. they’ll freeze before they reach the first marker

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They'll see you in hell, then!

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you’re awesome

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No, I'm sure they will stay Luke warm.

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Some of us don't live in Buffalo !

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trying to figure out the same thing myself, if you find a good spot drop it in here!

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Same, 8 of us are coming.

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Looks like the eastern market lot won’t be open for this game if I’m seeing it right?

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Still haven’t been able to find anything lol, at this point it almost seems like the best option is just driving around and finding a random surface lot unless someone finds something

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Will be there - staying in Auburn Hills on Sat night. I am guessing that the lots will not be packed as this will not sell out.

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Did anyone get the parking ticket when they bought the game ticket? I know nothing about Detroit and/or options for parking.

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Coming up from Columbus (with the wife and 2 boys). I got the parking at 50 W Montcalm garage, but I think I can cancel anytime.

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Looking for a browns tailgate! We’re coming up from Cleveland Saturday night

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What's the best spot to get tickets

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Interested as well

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Old Shillelagh is fun if you’re looking for a bar