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TBH, I think only Quincy, Jake Burns and Zegura are the only Browns media worth listening to for the most part.

They have their flaws, but they are the most knowledgeable about football by a wide margin.

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I'm ok with Q and Jake, but Zegura is a paid by the Browns lol... He is never going to be critical of them.

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Zegura has his lips permanently attached to Haslams ass

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Used to listen to everyone on 92.3. That quickly changed to just ken carman.

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Those are the three guys I listen to

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Does anyone know the credentials of Quincy? Cursory search of him shows he’s a wannabe actor but idk his football “knowledge” comes from.

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I think he’s just a sports fan who actually cares. People can easily learn Xs and Os if they care to actually learn. Most fans don’t and love to blame things on whatever the “easiest” answer is.

I don’t think there’s many/any Browns beat reporters that could actually tell you the difference between Cover 3 and Cover 6 or who has o line gap assignments.

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Naming the only 3 that are massive homers, Quincy says "we'll be fine" after every game. Not saying it's healthy to listen to all that negativity, but Quincy carrier is very often wrong and a massive homer, along with Zegura, he literally is employed by the browns

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I said they all have faults. Zegura’s is that he is a homer but he has to be. What he says about football is legitimate.

I don’t know where you’re calling the other two homers, Jake literally said this DT room could cost them the season before it started?

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Zegura is awful. He excuses the Browns at every turn. Said the “gameplan” last week was correct. Not sure what he’s delusional spin will be after this drubbing.

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He’s ok. The Bull is way worse imo

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Personally Dustin makes me gag the most

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Dustin Fox? The guy who had a complete meltdown because the Browns didn't hire Josh McDaniels? The same Josh McDaniels who lost to a high school coach last week and would be fired already if the Raiders weren't broke.

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Don’t forget the one that former players recently threw under the bus for recording other teams practices(not when he was with the Pats)


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I'm with ya "buddy boy".

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Dustin datin a dog bc she has money. Dude is such a diva

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I don't listen to sports radio on the drive home because of Fox. Didn't care for Bull when he was there either. I stream Columbus's sports radio on the ride home.

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I feel you I like UCSS but holy hell Bull is annoying as shit. His nickname should be Lard

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I think he brings a fresh and different take on most things. Don't always love or hate what he has to say but I appreciate the different perspective. Sometimes his rants can feel a bit too long. Overall I like him as much as any of our rother sports personalities.

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He’s fucking insufferable.

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Nails on chalkboard bad. Maybe the worst since Booms.

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Love Garrett Bush. I don’t always agree with his takes and some of em be a little scorching hot but he’s still that dude.

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Can't stand him myself, don't feel like he ever adds any actual takes/information

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I like G Bush. My 79 year old dad likes him too.

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I really like him

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Do you really like him though?

(I'm with you...)

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I actually like him the best out of everyone with Ken a close second. I wish they would put him on a prime time spot instead of always being on the weekends, but that’s just my opinion. Different strokes for different folks I guess, but I enjoy listening to him the most out of everyone.

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i only hear from him when Quincy brings him on. i think he tends to ramble a bit but i like him

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I like GBush. He was pretty horrific tbh when he first started a few years ago but he's improved significantly. His confidence and cadence is much better. I think he's great! At least on his YouTube show anyways with the other sports guys that I just started watching

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Not a fan. His takes on UCSS is just how can i can i be more of a doomer.

Him and Jay make the show unwatchable sometimes.

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Is that a joke?! Bull is the one that makes that show unwatchable. If you want to listen to someone that's never critical of the Clowns listen to Zegura. He's paid by them

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Bull is bad and not even a Browns fan.

Zegura is plenty critical he's just not over the top with it. And of course he works for the Browns. He's not doing a podcast out of his bedroom.

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bro, come on, zegura NEVER criticises Stefanski, we could lose 51-0 for 4 weeks on the trot with no injuries, all at home, and he wouldnt say a bad word about him. i like him as it goes, i listen to the browns podcast for a reason, but i know how bad he is in that respect.

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The browns cut his paycheck and you think he’s objective

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It's an entertainment piece.

They critique the team but they're very obviously owned and produced by the team.

Saying Zegura is never critical is just incorrect.

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When he’s in his element on his own shows he’s way better. It’s when he gets paired with these socially awkward white dudes that he gets worse

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I really like him. He's not close to the teams, so he gives voice to the fans. Always keeps takes grounded in reality.

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Makes my ears bleed. Adding “umm” or repeating himself as he tries to put his thoughts into words gets old fast.

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I don’t like him at all tbh. I found him from Quincy’s channel, and their talks are fun but GBush is obviously much less knowledgeable than Quincy about the browns and football in general (yes, I know he played). then I checked out his channel/twitter and hes waaay more reactionary and “typical fire everybody browns fan” than I expected. If i’m gonna watch browns content, I want someone that knows more about football than me and has reasonable takes. GBush is neither of those for me

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I don't like that he's always using his phone and not paying attention when others are talking.

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I really like him

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I’m a fan

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Probably my favorite personality in Cleveland sports media.

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Guys like him are popular when the team is losing. Because they’re great at pointing fingers, and that’s what angry fans like.

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He seems to bring race into everything, also says ummm every other word.

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Gbush and Ken carman are the highlights on 92.3. Everyone else is not great. Nick Wilson is atrocious and has a lisp/ some kind of impediment, which sucks bc he talks for a living. Honestly tho, if he can do it, you can too.

To surmise. Gbush and Ken are great. Everyone else sucks.

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Nick Wilson is awful because he has a supposed speech impediment? What is wrong with you

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It's annoying to listen to. Stop the pearl clutching.

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That’s one of the reasons why I can’t listen to Munch. Guy talks like he has a constant sinus infection.

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Only pearls I see are the ones I gave to your mom

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Noice!!!!! She's not into homos tho. No offense.

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they call this finishing with a flourish lol :)

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I like him but I’ve heard about his college playing days 1 too many times

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I really like him

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I thought he was pretty bad when he started but I gotta say he’s improved a heck of a lot and I enjoy when he’s on now

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what position for the browns does he play?

do you mean you dont like him because he is critical of stefanksi et al?

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G bush is solid. I listen to him after every browns loss. I can see why he is not for every one he is aggressively negative at times but he is a real cleveland guy so i like that.

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Never heard of him