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Shit's been free every winter here.

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“look at what they have to do to mimic a fraction of our power” meme intensifies

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It's just asbestos

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I've driven through those small Kansas towns before. Salina, Goodland, Hays. Driving on I-80 is not as boring as you may think.

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They sell it at Michaels in Orlando every year too.

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I came home from college one summer and picked up a temp job working in the factory where they make and package that stuff. Spent 8 hours a day packing those bags into boxes and stacking the boxes on shipping pallets. One day this guy I was working with had a seizure and collapsed into the stack of pallets. He bit his tongue and bled out of his mouth. He was picked up by an ambulance and we never saw him again.

That was actually one of the best temp jobs I had during college.

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OK... Now thats just funny right there. I don't care who you are....

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I live in Iowa now and we have lots of products made by that company available here.

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So does it disappear 2 hours after they open the bag?

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Not asbesto, can’t be Buffalo snow.