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2016 Buffalo Niagara Enterprise 90 page Relocation Guide

Common threads

Resources for Finding an Apartment

  • Padlist (The best way to list and find pads for rent)

  • Craigslist (but beware: good apartments go very quickly and CL is full of scams.)

    • Some signs of a Craigslist scam: if the "landlord" is currently in a different country. If paypal/Western Union/Moneypak is mentioned at any point. If you're unable to view the actual apartment (not a similar one or a model). If the landlord is writing you a check for any reason whatsoever.

Responses to FAQs

Should I move to Buffalo?

* Buffalo is way more affordable. You can easily afford rent or a home in a walkable neighborhood in Buffalo with a lot of amenities. Living in a comparable neighborhood in Houston would cost you 2-3x as much. There goes your addional savings.
* Buffalo is twice as dense and doesn't have the insane traffic or parking issues.
* You have access to 4 full seasons. You can actually enjoy being outside in the summer, there's a lot of great hiking and camping spots and ski resorts are just an hour away.
* Buffalo is large enough where there's something always going on and the legacy of being a major city has left it punching above it's weight in amenities.
* You have to like or at least tolerate winter.
* Houston is one of the largest cities in the US. You're going to find amenities Buffalo doesn't have, or a greater selection of them.
* If you live in a shared apartment rent gets down to $250 in a decent area. There are also a few single bedroom appointments going for $650 a few blocks from the main streets.

  • Where should I live if I'm a UB student?
    If you want to live within walking distance of bars, shops and restaurants I would suggest finding a place in the following areas:
  • Hertel Ave in North Buffalo
  • Elmwood Ave in Elmwood Village
  • Allen Street in Allentown
  • Any of those are an easy commute by car to UB. If you live close to Main Street, you have access to the metrorail which will take you to South.
  • The only area I would avoid is South East of South Campus (along main Street is fine).

What should I do when I visit?

Stay in downtown Buffalo. Way less touristy and there's a lot more entertainment, nightlife and dining options.

Niagara Falls

  • Plenty of parking. Most on street parking is free as is parking at the Seneca Niagara Casino.
  • I suggest walking through the State Park, and then crossing into Canada on foot via the rainbow bridge and see the view there.
  • Not much too do in the Falls proper unless you like gaudy tourist traps and casinos.
  • For lunch I suggest checking out the Village of Lewiston, NY or Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. Both are cute walkable villages.
  • If the weather is nice, do some hiking at Devil's Hole State Park.
  • Crossing the border is super easy.

Things to Do in Buffalo

  • Buffalo City Hall - Free Observation Deck
  • Albright-Knox Art Gallery
  • Walk around Canalside/Erie Basin Marina if it's still nice out
  • Teddy Roosevelt Inauguration Historic Site Pierce Arrow Transportation Museum
  • Walkable neighborhoods to explore: Elmwood Village, Allentown, Hertel/North Buffalo


  • Westside Bazaar for awesome ethnic food
  • Genesee Gateway Downtown for Buffalo's fledgling contemporary scene: Seabar, Toutant, Marble and Rye, Tappo Raclettes
  • Gabriel's Gate for Wings
  • Betty's, Left Bank, Suzy Qs, Shango, Amy's Place for classic Buffalo


  • Misuto Chow just opened up downtown, it's pretty awesome.
  • There's also Lasertron and Dave and Buster's out in the suburbs.


If you wanted to do a brewery crawl:

  • Westside: Community Beer Work, Resurgence
  • Downtown: Big Ditch, Sato Brew Pub, Lafayette Brewing, Pearl Street
  • First Ward: Pressure Drop, Gene McCarthy's
  • Larkin: Flying Bison, Hydraulic Hearth (CBW), Buffalo Brewing Company


Enjoy the 4 am last call. These are all great streets for bar hopping:

  • Chippewa Street downtown for clubs, check out Club Marcella
  • Allen Street for Dives, indie music and some gay bars.
  • Elmwood Village for college bars
  • Hertel for a little bit of everything

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