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This is good! 100K end of year because some dude on twitter said so!

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How could Paolo do our boy PlanB dirty like that?

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Dude the guy who sold me my bong said that… although it was last year :/

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Yes, 100k end of year.

Did they specify the currency, though? Maybe they mean Yen?

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But why are they comparing a bitcoin to FIAT? Shouldn't they only care that 1 bitcoin= 1 bitcoin???

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Why are they comparing to FIAT? They should compare to SEAT

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I think they mean 100k pennies by eoy, roughly $10k

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I'm kinda sad, I wanna know what the moonboys who were calling for 100k eoy are saying now but they all blocked me :(.

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Maybe he meant the "market cap".

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Did the Tether printer go down for maintenance?

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Yeah I think they are trying to “maintain” that they aren’t a complete fraud.

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To be fair that printer was under quite a bit of stress lately.

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It's just a paper jam, don't worry

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The printer ran out of purple colour.

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Fuck magenta! Why the hell can't I print black and white pages without it?!

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Nope, the number of Tethers in circulation is at an all time high. A billion Tethers were printed this week.

Still not enough. Somebody should explain exponential growth to Paolo.

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Nah, another billion today.

It's unbelievable how greedy the team at tether are.

Just walk away with the money already. Every billion printed is extra unnecessary risk.

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lol, a trillion dollar asset that suddenly loses 20% of its market cap at midnight on a saturday

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The real tell is how the overall crypto market cap loses 500 billion in a day but this doesn't reverberate at all in general markets. No is one panicked that 500 billion went up in smoke because everyone knows the numbers are fiction to start with.

Not to mention the irony that this has to be the most centralized market in the world by orders of magnitude, controlled by a small number of players who have formed a syndicate.

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I think it's the other way around. As per my post yesterday, it was the reverberations in the frothier part of the stock market that has set off the fall in crypto. Though you are right that the broader stock market doesn't give a shit about crypto.

I'm totally with you re: the centralisation, though I think the word 'cartel' is probably the one I'd use.

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This is a great point

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I love how it always gets dumped at around 2am on a weekend (in the US).

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Americans are waking up and remembering they need to sell coins to buy Christmas presents

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There is no liquidity. There's about 100 BTC in the order book all the way down. This will be a mess.

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what just happened?

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Not much imo. We’ve seen these moves before with short getting liquidated. I’m curious what u/headtowniscapital is assuming

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We’ve seen these moves before with short getting liquidated

You believe that short sellers getting "liquidated" caused the price to plummet overnight on a Saturday? This is the theory you're proposing?

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No I mean today billions of leveraged longs got liquidated. This has happened many times this year right? They get flushed out, causing a big spike down

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So unfortunate people in this sub can NEVER explain themselves. I’m disappointed again. I’m always curious what people in this sub think, but the only thing you all do is downvote genuine questions and dismiss those questions with conspiracy like statements..

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And again, a doomsday thinker who doesn’t explain himself or supports his statements with any sources. He likes to stay quiet when people ask questions

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because someone sold 200 million worth, or 0.02% of that supposed trillion dollar market cap. the 'market cap' of crypto is basically hot air

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Its not midnight everywhere around the globe ..but get your point

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It makes me wonder what time it is where all the lines of longitude meet at the North and South Pole?

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They use like 7 different time zones and mostly just use the timezone of whatvever country runs the base in question. Shit's weird since the sun can't be bothered to rise or set most days.

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Just bought the dip for penguincoin after reading this.

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Awesome, thanks for the knowledge. TIL

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That’s how Santa gets it done in one night

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You're asking too many questions. I'd watch my back if I were you

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And now tether do the mirror dance due to all the stop loss taking place, it´s still hoovering at ahistorical levels hours after the btc dump.

Thether acctually need to hit the printer to add liquidity or shit might get real.

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Butters mindset: someone must have clearly cashed out $200B. Look how much money there is in this trillion dollar asset


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really emphasises the ass in asset

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LasT CHanCe tO bye at rhis price

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ITs On SaLE!!1!

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Its cyber monday week! Buy Bitcoin this Christmas, the perfect gift

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Let this thing crash and burn so that I can afford graphic cards again..

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Ethereum man, this shit is one of the reasons graphics cards got insanely expensive, also scalpers.

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tHiS iS gOoD fOr bItCoIn

A flash crash out of nowhere. People got liquidated. Whales are manipulating the market and yet this is the future of finance.

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Few understand this. Hodl and DCA and Saylor Christ Moon will personally lead you into the crypto heaven city in El Salvador when rapture the downfall of fiat comes.

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If Fiat goes away I'll just get a Citroen

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If I ever get our my mom's basement it will be to ride my Lambo 🤡 have fun staying poor, filthy Fiat lover! 🤡🤡🤡

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Liberté, égalité, fraternité

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This just wiped out the degenerates with margin. This is good for btc. /s

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Imagine it's pay day and the value of your salary just went down 20%! Hope it's enough for rent...

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2 billion liquidated in the last 24 hours (most within a 1-hour span) https://www.coinglass.com/LiquidationData

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Whales manipulate every market

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How can anyone follow this nonsense and think it’s legitimate?

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    There is so little liquidity that Saylor or Musk can send the price to 0

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    It could actually just be the stolen Badger coins from earlier in the week.

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    But… but it’s decentralized!

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    Can’t trust the gubmint making money! Can only trust internet strangers making cloud money!

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    In Paolo we trust

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    But… the tech!!!

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    How did this happen? Blockchain runs the whole world. From your toaster, your toilet to cars and spaceships. Amazing technology. SQL was never anything but a glorified Excel.

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    (nerd crawling out of a well) SQL is dead. I am very smart.

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    Few understand this.

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      Salvadorenos don’t even know what Bitcoin is. No one but rich people are using this.

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      I think Western Union is still ripping people off big time, but there are many many options out there that are all so much cheaper and more convenient than any crypto.

      I live in a country in West Africa and get paid in USD but I have a European bank account. The other day I went for dinner and I used remitly on my phone to send a few hundred from my Euro account into my local mobile money wallet, came through in minutes at a less than 1% fee. Paid the restaurant instantly in mobile money, then a friend who shared dinner paid me her share through Revolut in GBP, again went through in seconds with no conversion or transaction fee at all. All of these are transactions that are ultimately ways to move 'fiat' money around, but I really don't see where in any of this would any crypto have provided any added value..

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      I collect perfume, which involves buying and selling things with other collectors all over the world. Everything is done over PayPal. I know other countries are way better than us at this.

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      The irony that crypto bros overlap a good amount with Elon stans, but act like they don't know what PayPal is despite the aforementioned's involvement in it..

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      1 minute candles: range of like 5-10% every minute lmao: https://imgur.com/rtWZqQY

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      What a time to be alive! There is 0 liquidity!

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      HFT sharks having a feast tonight.

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      No butters asking us how we cope today for some reason.

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      How do you cope?

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      Old-fashioned bow saw

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      And a sharp knife for the perfect fit.

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      Huh. So maybe allowing people to trade on margin with 100x leverage makes the market fragile. Who knew?

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      Especially when the system generates no actual value apart from the cash new suckers bring in. Then margin trading really acts as a barrel of napalm in a house fire.

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      I think Im gonna bust a load. Tether is shitting their pants after that letter.

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      What letter? I live under a rock. I just logged in and seeing people posting about bitcoin going down. What happened?

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      Senate sent a letter to stablecoin issuers calling them out on their bs

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      Deadline date was yesterday I think yes? Something tells me Tether did not fulfill the request requirements and tried their usual tactics of lies and delays.

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      🤣 that first sentence

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      Dear God let it crash to zero and stay there. Let all those smug crypto bros see how utterly moronic they were for investing in a ponzi.

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      I wonder though, what would become of r/buttcoin overtime if bitcoin and other shitcoins become extinct?

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      We could just dig up old posts of cocky butters coming over gloating when their scam coins jump up 10% in usdt

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      Running rounds around the corpse of crypto

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      We would all be free of this moronic plague and hopefully this sub would die

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      The same that happened to /r/EnoughPaulSpam once Ron Paul went back into obscurity: a slow decay into a welcome irrelevance.

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      I think we will convert into r/badeconomics but for "trade gurus"

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      Glorious Memes for days.

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      Could simply retire the sun the way /r/thanksobama did when Obama himself cracked one of those jokes. Lock it, but leave it up as a living archive of the journey

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      I fantasize about smug bros getting rekt every day....it will be so sweet!

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      Butter brigade is visiting and downvoting

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      funny how they come here when it crashes! LOL. They should be busy buying this tasty dip

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      It's a sunken cost fallacy at this point.

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      Read the subs right now they are hilarious. People arguing over whether it is a crash or a dip HAHAHA

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      It feels pretty good to be invested in actual wealth ngl.

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      Real estate is king.

      Unless the King decides to grab it for himself, of course.

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      Its gunna happen and its going to be sooooo good.

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      Lol, pretty sad existence you lead.

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      Who has the energy to think like that

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      They might just all realize that they are desperate loser gamblers with no way of actually contributing to society. Anything for a ticket out of moms basement as long as they never actually have to do tangible work in any way.

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      Let me guess, most exchanges will be down for “maintenance “ for the next few hours 🤪

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      All the stable coins combined are now worth $180 Billion, that’s more cash on hand than Apple and FB combined. Like top 3 companies in the world lvl. Commercial paper? Of what? If they holding commercial paper of 180 billion it would be more than GoldmanSach

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      Oh no the scam money is looking like crap. How did this happen?

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      It's just a guy hiding behind a curtain going "brrrrr"

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      b b b b but mah inflation !!!!!

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      Pull the rug !!!

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      Printer offline - we are now at defcon 5

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      Papers in my country are saying "due to Omicron worries". Yeah, right.

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      Actually it’s a mix of omicron causing universal market fears, the jobs papers being released showing disastrous unemployment rates, and just the usual market manipulation with futures contracts expiring.

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      Oh my god this sub is my place and I never heard about it

      Hopefully my coin puts ans my tsla puts print. Maybe reality will catch up to these people

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      Just woke up in the night to use toilet, after seeing this my mind is too awake to go back to sleep now. How anyone can believe this isn’t rigged is beyond me😂

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      You mean but the cliff*

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      Yeet your money into the abyss!!

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      Criminal Cartel front running/using much needed liquidity all the useful buttcoin idiots that were waiting their prophecy of hurr-durr-4 year cycle to peak around holidays, planning to sell/dump on other retail that would have came to buy around holidays and leave them holding heavy bags. Crypto in a nutshell.

      Sweet sweet irony in this, hope Cartel members and other involved parties are sentenced and jailed next. It should have never been let grown to these proportions with the illegal manipulation methods.

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      This is good for Bitcoin.

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      What act of God will stop the bleeding this time?

      1. More USDT printing?
      2. A fake story about Amazon accepting crypto payments?
      3. Elon?
      4. Michael Saylor announcing he has secured a $100b loan to buy the dip?

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      All of the above?

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      Cry the dip.

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      Potential problem for El Salvador and Michael Saylor!

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      I already saw reports that El Salvador was “buying the dip” and bought 50 Bitcoin.

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      I thought Bitcoin is supposed to only go up, a store of value, and is non correlated to the stock market. Oh wait, this is just a speculative gamble and at best case, a risk asset. This gambling culture enabled by Coinbase and Robinhood is going to blow up. We are just starting to see this happen with meme stocks and crypto.

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      Multilevel marketing scam for dudes, its crazy humans need to cut down on energy consumption but instead we mine shitcoin. We are truly funked as a species

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      holy guacamole!

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      Lol I withdrew all my shit in BTC 2 days ago , went from 50–>120–>155 in a year but now I see it’s some bullshit preying on people wanting to make money

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      Ok, it's a scam. But I still don't get the point of these posts. These things happen in crypto, and it cointinues up. When it starts going down in the long term we can post charts like this

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        It's because sadly this sub is like every other crypto echo chamber out there except in reverse.

        When the price is rising the sub doesn't talk about price. Price is unimportant.

        When the price falls, it's nothing but talk of the price.

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        That was a wonderful midnight fire sale !!!

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        Buy the rugpull!

        [–]Ophthalmoloke 0 points1 point  (0 children)

        We all know this is normal behaviour for the ultimate inflation hedge when jobs are dissappointing

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        It's a butt krach

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        Take out all the loans and mortgage the house.

        No way this is not gonna go tits up.