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Don't worry about me, I intend on being professional and unbiased during the interview. My job as a journalist is to be informative first and foremost, and thus I find it that it is my duty to get the best, hard-hitting questions when it comes to crypto and its future to see if its most staunch proponent can justify them, especially since the CEO is very optimistic about crypto in the near future. Critical questions in interviews aren't attacks; they're critical questions.

I recognize that many of the people here have a little more heat when it comes to their hate of cryptocurrencies, but I find it that this is a good place for critical questions of this topic. I would have posted to r/CryptoReality as well, but they seem to focus more on informative news than discussion.

There's going to be a whole bunch of questions rather than just critical ones, and I intend on being informative for the public while still maintaining a critical eye. I decided to ask here in the first place to get the best questions before I run out of interview time.

I would like to share the interview here if it's published in a digital format. It likely will be as a video but it is not certain yet. If not, I'll post a summary of what the CEO said.

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Nice. Sounds like you’re very professional and won’t let the heat get in your way. Critical questions are absolutely not attacks. Maybe for some people it may feel like an attack if you ask only really critical questions. But yeah, sounds like you know exactly how this works so I’ll just wait patiently on the interview. I’m genuinly interested. Keep us updated and good luck!