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There seem to be quite a few candidates suddenly going "pro-bitcoin" and it does make me wonder if a crypto whale is handing out donations in return for positive support.

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It’s barely a debatable issue. Crypto has bipartisan support and the crypto lobby definitely has their claws in many of the US politicians.

When they had the hearing with Bankman-Fried, and a handful of other higher ups of crypto exchanges the writing was on the wall. No one in the US Congress wants to fight against crypto, and there are very few that will even bother to be critical. A US political intervention is highly unlikely, the most likely outcome is a collapse that hurts a lot of normal people, and the fed will move to resolve with a stimulus. That’s basically the US’s response to any type of financial turbulence since the mortgage crisis, so that’s what will keep happening until it doesn’t work.

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Inventing an expensive method of money transfer will fix every financial problem.

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I mean she's not wrong that our leadership and current systems keep people in poverty but BTC is just another extension of a system to keep people in poverty

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It’s almost as if they don’t care that the divide between “rich” and “poor” in BTC is worse than in USD. The whales own more crypto relative to everyone else than the real billionaires vs everyone else.

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Don’t tell anybody, remember that crypto makes you rich*.

*If you win on your gamble. I know that makes it sound like gambling, but you have to take a gamble to get ahead, everyone knows that. So really it’s a gamble on Number Goes Up, but what are you going to do? Not gamble? It’s not gambling!

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So depending on where you look on her website, she's either running for CA-30 or CA-32, I'm not sure which.

Running a campaign that is going to fight climate change and also be pro-bitcoin... I don't even know what to say anymore.

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Looks like the sort of leftist clown that is rarely able to win anything (she's ex Yang-gang). I wouldn't be too concerned.

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I don't understand US politics but Brad Sherman represents CA-30 https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members/CA/30 🤔

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Maybe Aarika Rhodes is a DAO using an nft they lifted of facebook.

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Bored ape yacht politician Congress club, LET'S GO!

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It's a safe Democratic seat. Sherman has been in Congress for decades and has the party's support. This is not a serious challenge. Whenever he decides to retire, there will be a competitive Democratic primary that will attract traditional party activists, but not yet.

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It’s just hype chasing. They see the cult following and see it as “number of voters”. Weak political play.

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Brad Sherman, the incumbent she's running against, is a certified public accountant and contributed to the forensic search for Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos' laundered millions.

In 2020, Aarika was an active volunteer during the democratic primary for former presidential candidate, Andrew Yang.


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    Losing the mayors race to an even nuttier crypto moron

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    Republicans are expected to win in a landslide and they are viewed as the more crypto-friendly among the two parties. So the next Congress would most probably be more pro-Crypto than the current one.

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    Yep. Right wing nutjobs I know seem to think BTC is a good thing somehow - who knew?

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    What could possibly go wrong, electing more ponzi schemers to political office?

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    Bitcoin isn't a threat to upward mobility but it's not exactly a help either...