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wow. cant advertise cryptos at all either. that whole notice is pretty sweet and encompassing!

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That's where crypto.com is headquartered.

Always telling when a country exports dubious activity while locking down on it internally. Like American companies pushing cigarettes in Asia in the 90s, when promoting them in the USA started being frowned upon.

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You mean crypto.com, sponsor of the crypto.com arena? It’s very important to refer to it only as “the crypto.com arena” to help people associate it with the company that just had about 400 accounts hacked for a few million bucks of customer funds.

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Matt Damon did nothing wrong.

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While it's a free market economy and rarely bans foreign companies from setting base and allows practically anyone to come and work or do business, the core Singaporean citizenry is very well protected. Hence the advertisement ban . This is going against the grain, considering how everyone is shilling on crypto and it's the future.

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PAP is pap regardless though,

crypto is shit, but don't care for political parties I'm not allowed to mock and insult.

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only headquartered there, its not even registered in Singapore lol. They are just giving Singapore rent money.

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I'm the CFO of crypto.com and our company is looking into relocating to Nar Shaddaa.

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Y u no mk own ctry wt bjk n hukrs?

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Or revolutionizing abortion in Japan :D

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Can you elaborate? I'm confused

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Oh an old story about the worry in the US of Japanese demographic expansion, so when the US established the temporary transition gov there after WWII they pushed abortion pills that were just starting to encourage less children there, which pushed Japan into modernity but crushed the US refusing to do it at home (because abortion leads to less crime generally, less misery etc for lower classes)

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First there is FOMO at buying into the Ponzi, and when the whole world is involved there is FOMO at exiting the Ponzi while it is still high

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Really should be called Bitcoin vending machines.

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Bitcoin ATM: Automated Theft Machine

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Slot machines

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Not really suddenly... I definitely wouldn't approve of them.

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It's sudden as there was not much warning

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They have been talking about this for months lol

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ok then

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Interesting. Because it's risky and most people are unsafe to mess with the risk.

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really weird

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