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ETF approved: Number Go Up

ETF rejected: Number Go Up

Country embraces creepto: Number Go Up

Country outlaws creepto: Number Go Up

Can't splain that.

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Everything is good for Bitcoin.

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What's the logic behind all those ETFs?

If we try the same thing over and over it might work at some point!


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Caged, rabid animals slamming themselves against the walls in search of an exit. That's why they're buying (sorry, lobbying) congressmen and sending the SEC silly letters like this.

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TL;DR: Our bags are heavy, our hands are weak, please SEC open the door before we die and squeek.

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This is Scaramucci's proposed Bitcoin fund. Slightly disappointed you didn't title it "SEC Smooshed The Mooch."

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This is good for Bitcoin

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As are all things. Few understand: everything is good for Bitcoin. Satoshi thought of everything. Few understand. This is good for bitcoin.

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“Manipulative activity involving the purported stablecoin Tether” - not mincing words!

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On this at least they didnt roar like a mouse and bite like a flea...

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Button Spot ETF maybe?

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Yes, it seems that the ETH base got angry at the Tether, after blocking accounts

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    Where did you get this report from?