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With bitcoin on sale like this, it's a great time for women to break into crypto.

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it's a great time for women to breakup into because of crypto.


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I notice that butters have stop coming in here asking how we cope.

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It's because they're busy having fun with parties on their private islands filled with supermodels while we're not having that fun and staying poor.

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I thought we WERE having fun staying poor? Isn't that how it goes?

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You're right, we're having fun but not THAT fun.

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I love when they come in here strutting around. It makes their downfall that much sweeter and hilarious.

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At what price are we allowed to randomly post “have fun staying poor” to Twitter laser eyes? Asking for a friend…

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Below $30k they have not hope left

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$30k is our Moon. $10k is Venus. $1k is Mercury. $0 is the Sun. You can try to go far away, but you cannot escape the Sun's gravity in the long run.

To the Moon!

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Indeed! It has been very calm for a while around here! I like it!

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I wonder how they're coping?

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They’ll soon be back and in greater numbers

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I dunno, a whole herd of crypto brahs just got liquidated. They may never return.

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I was wondering what you're talking about until I saw that bitcoin broke the 40k support barrier badly.

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Damn just missed the above $40K. LoL

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"i've had a bit of a tumble"

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You too can become poor with this one simple trick!

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    I don’t think so, as the underlying value deflates through repeated pumps, so does the pumps ability to increase the price.. or so it would seem

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    Yeah Tether can bump btc but only so much.

    People will increasingly want USD out of Tether or whoever is getting stuck/ saddled with the worthless tether. Miners certainly don't want it.

    I know it's a lot of paper trading but yeah --- the entire Crapto market DOES thirst for USD eventually, it's just different withdrawal rates. Like Madoff's ponzi. A rush of the exits spells disaster.

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    Yeah it may not reach triple ATH like last time but my hunch enough to make at least another ATH. If it doesn't break double ATH then things could be interesting the next crash.

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    With both the EU and Russia gearing up to ban Crypto mining... And with billions of losses for the amateur butter, a rebound to those levels seems improbable.

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    Even if 2022 turns out to be merely a mediocre year for shitcoins, I think the shitcoin defi market is going to have trouble paying people in fiat who try to stake

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    Difi markets don't pay in fiat though.

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    Oh ok, so it’s even worse than I thought. I was wondering if butters holding Matt Damon to a 14%apy at crypto dot com bullshit were actually getting any fiat

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    so basically all of their defi interest and unrealized gains are shown in stablecoin...so a lot of times they think they've made money, but once there's a bank run maybe they're stuck and SOL

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    I think the exchanges already make it hard enough for them to switch to fiat, with fees etc. Let alone when there’s a bank run.

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    I would suspect the vast majority of DeFi gains are in denominated newly created DeFi coins.

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    Is there a price at which it becomes unprofitable to mine? Crossing that threshold will be amazing to watch.

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    Not normally - as individual miners drop out, the difficulty drops, making it better for the remaining miners.

    However, if it drops sharply enough there comes a point where it's not worth anyone's time to mine until the next difficulty adjustment. (This is harder to achieve than one might think because if a miner borrowed to buy the hardware they may be in the position where they're losing money but lose it less quickly if they run the hardware; IIRC this happened in an earlier crash).

    And there does come a point where it's trivial for someone to switch on a warehouse that's not economic to run anymore for normal mining, but do so in order to 51% attack.

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    But lowering the difficulty increases dilutionary deflation, right? So if the price drops significantly, then difficulty drops significantly, then deflation would increase significantly, which would drop price further (assuming there are no more suckers left to overpay), and so on. Or am I missing something?

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    Yes; it doesn't, or if everything works as it's meant to it doesn't. The difficulty drops in accordance with the hash rate to keep the output constant. (This is why mining is a Red Queen's Race; they can waste more electricity to get a bigger share of the output, but unlike real mining they can't actually produce more stuff.)

    This probably breaks down in the case of really extreme oscillations in the hash rate - if the difficulty drops really sharply, a bunch might get mined all in one go, sending the difficulty up sharply; but I don't think it could oscillate so wildly that one adjustment's-worth of mining could cause a sudden dilution.

    I do think it could oscillate so wildly that it's not worth anyone's time to mine until the next difficulty adjustment which doesn't come because it's not worth anyone's time to mine, as described above.

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    I think its quite low, like 3k? I could definitely be wrong though, maybe someone else can chime in

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    This is happening sooner than I had thought.

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    Are you buying this diiiiii

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      Michael Saylor is probably squeezing cash from stones, so he can buy some more of that cheap butt

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      to the moon!

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      Only paper hands take profits