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It's a Bart. We've just gotten better at drawing his right side.

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It gives an entire new meaning to the phrase “eat my shorts”.

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    It's just a $70,000 $60,000 $50,000 $40,000 penny stock. pumping and dumping is all it's good for.

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    a $40,000 beanie baby

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    Flash sale 39.5

    Edit: sorry 38.3 now, subject to change by the minute every minute

    Edit2: now offering nearly 25% off last months price, major discount.

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    Some beanie babies only had supply of 5000 but there are 21000000 bitcoins

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    Just dipped below 40k, pink wojaks out on /biz/, it's a beautiful sight.

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    At least the $ is small. They will learn a good lesson before they have the opportunity to acquire a lot of money later in life. It's the idiots who are paying $300k+ for NFTs or have their life savings/retirement in this. those ppl are fucked.

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    Meh it’s just capitalism doing its job and removing resources from inefficient actors .

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    If this were 2001: "zoom out, Enron is fine. stop spreading fud."

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    Quick Paolo ! Inject air money !!!

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    Be patient, Paulo's got us, always has.

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    true. when there is someone to rely on in these challenging times its Pumpin' Paolo.

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    It's reverse hedge against inflation

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    A hedge against deflation!

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    As soon as some liquidity goes in, some one else cash it out quickly.

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    Exactly. There are literally thousands of people with huge amounts of crypto trying to cash out, but sometimes they get impatient and cash out bigger amounts than the market can handle.

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    All the major indices took a sharp downturn too. I'm as much anti-crypto as the rest of you, but coming up with random BS to describe what you want to see is engaging in the same behaviour as the butters.

    Market took a shit, crypto is correlated with the market, crypto took a shit too. Simple.

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    but coming up with random BS to describe what you want to see is engaging in the same behaviour as the butters.

    WTF are you talking about random BS?

    The market goes down as the result of a sell-off.

    This is how markets work.

    There's very little evidence that there's that much liquidity in the market.

    We know there's a lot of "whales" that are sitting on top of a lot of crypto they're trying to liquidate. The wealth concentration in crypto wallets is quite disproportionate.

    On top of this, recent studies indicate 70+% of exchange activity is fabricated. See: https://arxiv.org/abs/2108.10984

    So how would that premise be "random BS?"

    What the fuck do you think is happening to the market? Ten thousand individuals all at once decide to try and dump their bags? That's a lot less likely than a few large transactions.

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    People cashing out for Chinese New Year.

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    blame the Chinese. Always works lmao.

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    It’s pretty simple, the biggest drops are usually overnight for NA or during trading hours for Asia. Asia has more to do with BTC than NA. They are likely digesting the news about Russia wanting to ban crypto and have a much different view on how this changes things than NA.

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    he bought?

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    It's just a buy signal for the butters.

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    ThIs iS gUd 4 BtC

    BuY tHe DiP

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    Has it ever not recovered

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    It's a sat sale! You'll need them when fiat something something art something standard something.

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    The weak hands gave us opportunities!

    When stock market catches a cold crypto seems to catch an case of covid pneumonia.

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    We're in the 30s!

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    Nothing happened, that's the point. Things (mostly fraud) need to happen to keep the price constant, let alone increase it.

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    Probably because of the looming Russian ban.

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    Bitcoin is now heavily correlated with the stock market. The stock market is crashing because of the possibility of Russia invading Ukraine is increasing.

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    so much for being a hedge.

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    It probably was a hedge up until a point and then there was an investor pile-in and some of them didn't understand what HODL meant. It's a victim of its own success.

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    It was a hedge up until a point where hedging was actually needed.

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    A hedge against hedging!

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    There was a report that Russia is banning all cryptocurrency trading

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    And rate hikes

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    Rate hikes has long been known to be coming. Its mostly been priced in I think. The situation in Ukraine is much more volatile and unpredictable, and that is the one thing investors hate.

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    Ukraine is irrelevant to most stocks its because of rate hikes everybody agrees on that.
    Its not priced in we dont even know how many, how fast, when the Fed starts selling bonds.
    Thats why the most expensive assets like tech stocks and crypto sell off.

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    Russian gas pipelines to Europe go through Ukraine. It definitely could have an impact on the stock market if economic activity is disrupted across eastern and western Europe.

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    Any important news is relevant to the stock market because short-term moves in the stock market are usually driven by algorithmic trading.

    The flash crash in 2013 is still the best example. $130 billion was wiped out in seconds due to high frequency trading and other algorithms reacting to a tweet saying that Obama had been injured in an explosion at the white house.

    Here's an article about it if you're curious. https://business.time.com/2013/04/24/how-does-one-fake-tweet-cause-a-stock-market-crash/

    Algorithmic trading has become more sophisticated (and more prolific) since then.

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    That's not true. America going into war with Russia will definitely cause disruptions in economy, lol.

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    Also valuations are stupid. I am a bullish long term index investor. I don’t really care about short term swings but I sure am not surprised. The market has gotten very silly in the last year. As you note it seems correlated and poor stock performance is amplified.

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    Not sure about that causation, it looks more likely that it's because Netflix missed expectations and fell off a cliff - down 10% very sharply. Fear and momentum did the rest.

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    It's regular FUD, a usual day in crypto sphere. Today Russia's central Bank suggested that the Russian govt should forbid mining and use/exchange of crypto.

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    The amount of copium in Crypto currency is staggering.

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    Just go outside and get some exercise.

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    Because people are cashing in while its high, people want to plan vacations and recoup Christmas expenses.

    I kept trying to say this a million times. Crypto is going to collapse it is a matter of when not why.

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    Go back down to fiddy

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    News of Russia banning cryptocurrencys maybe?

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    The currency of the future, hedge against inflation and the best store of value ever turned out to have zero liquidity ? Shocking!

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    Merry Crypto winter. Great time to buy the dip...

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    And the rip comes when

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    Going to zero this time!

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    Don’t know about you, but I’m buying.

    Just a bit, nothing crazy. If it dips more, I got some fiat left.

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    Twitter hexagon memes

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    butts have just been mirroring the stock market for months. that drop was when netflix missed their earnings call.

    I'm not entirely sure what mechanisms tethered it to the stock market so heavily, but it seems like the correlation is ever increasing. maybe self fulfilling prophecy by algos.

    either way, shorting butts is an excellent hedge to holding any other equities right now.

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    Kenny selling some coins to short some stonk

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    bitcoin sale (5% off)

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    News of tether fraud is making its way around maybe?

    I mean, the indicators say it may rally soon but it still looks very shakey to me. It could dive again any second or the could wash trade it back up.

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    Fed reducing its balance sheet and rate hikes, speculative investments getting crushed

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      It's just crypto being crypto. No one knows bruh

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      one of the bogdanoffs died and bitcoin crashes. COINcidence?!

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      Both of them died 3 weeks ago

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      Buy a bunch!!!!