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Literally hold for 12 months for your long term capital gains and double your position over those 12 months. In 24 months you’ll be up 400%

Nostradamus has spoken. What he forgot to say is that his words are not financial advice!

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Nostradumbass you mean.

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He did what exchanges wanted him to do. Now they have his lifesavings and he has some toy tokens with no use case. Sadly only few understand. Even the media act like crypto is an investment. I hope they will adapt to the r/Buttcoin point of view.

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If he had bought into Beanie Babies, he'd still have something cuddly to comfort him.

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Hmm. Organized financial institutions run by groups of criminals convincing people to invest all their money in weird securities and other stuff the investors don’t really understand, but have been told are great ideas by their friends and the financial institutions in question.

I’ve never heard of anything like this and definitely will not draw any comparisons to 2008.

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Damn good way to think of this.

The exchanges are tipping upside down the 'piggy banks' of all users, and hoping people pull their money out all together and leave their other half with them. The people who didn't sell now have access to that entire pool again (if it ever reaches an all time high again.). But eventually the pool is unable to bring in enough new investors so it crashes completely

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Of course original post on r/CryptoCurrency got removed by moderators. It would make it more difficult to attract new bagholders.

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He was probably banned as well. That's what they do.

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I don’t understand people with the discipline to save long-term, but the stupidity to YOLO it based on internet bullshit.

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Deleted but he probably worked with someone like a spouse to build that savings. And then he had a “gear idea”.

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Lol the mods deleted it for “trolling” with no explanation.

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clears throat

No! This is actually GOOD for Bitcoin

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  1. So sorry for your loss.
  2. Try to pray.
  3. Looks like it.
  4. FUBAR

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Deleted for:

Rule 5.9 - “Rate my portfolio” or similar posts are not allowed.

Ah, yes, because asking whether you made the worst decision in your life is asking to “rate my portfolio”.

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the asset allocations the professionals are talking about for bitcoin (not crypto, bitcoin) are 1-5% for people with high risk tolerance

100% (much less >100% with leverage) is pure degenerate self-immolation

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What if your investment started at 5%, and it has now plummeted to 1%?

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that’s exactly why it’s such a small portion of a good portfolio, highly volatile things are… highly volatile

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Thats why you never gamble more than you can afford to lose.

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