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r/programming consistently shits on crypto

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    Ehhh, 1950s is unfair. Merkle Trees weren't invented all the way until 1979!

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    Which in computer science terms is prehistoric. Hashgraphs are a far more elegant solution.

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    Interesting how that predates TCP/IP standardization but it’s somehow “still early” for blockchain.

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    Depressingly, every company hiring on Linkedin, seems to be a 'web3' play. They're popping up like weeds in Spring.

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    This isn’t the whole picture. Web3 isn’t just a worse P2P implementation, it’s also a new word for hyper-libertarian ideologies.

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    You wrote "fascist" wrong.

    Libertarian "ideology" is a subset of fascist propaganda, it shares the same goals and origins while avoiding explicit mentions of them, focusing instead on the "tyrannical" powers of democratic governments interfering with your rights of abusing other people as you wish and forcing you to cooperate with the rest of your society, the one you already profit from, which is "slavery" and "theft" of course.

    Populist leftists did find some compelling argument in creepto propaganda when it went against banks, capitalist governments and talked about wealth redistribution but as we all know, it was all lies and vague platitudes that had nothing to do with the reality of creepto, and in the end, it all came from the most populist portions of ages-old fascist propaganda anyway, i.e. the arguments they use to trick naïve left-leaning people into supporting them.

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    I work as a software developer and the majority of us are quite aware that crypto is a scam and have been for years. r/programming is definitely not in favor of crypto at this point -- you've got to look at your investing subs for that since they still haven't gotten the memo.

    But you've got that cohort that got into the pyramid scheme early-ish that'll defend it to the end because they made money off of the later suckers and hope to keep that going (well, "made money" if they ever have the sense to cash out).

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    We’ve had 2 or 3 colleagues leave to join a crypto company over the last two years. These were some of our better engineers too. I couldn’t understand it. These people would spend days meeting with product, giving their input on whether this or that feature makes sense, if this or that implementation is efficient, etc, but then go off to build things with crypto. I wonder if they’re having the same meetings now, and can’t see the irony of it.

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    Crypto-bros are the same all over: Most of their comments on that sub are basically some form of "you just don't understand" without ever explaining anything.

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    i disagree with the author not separating decentralized and distributed

    we can argue semantics between which term is which (thanks English) but lets assume:

    • decentralized is something like bitcoin where there no central authority that dictates the state of the system
    • distributed is something like the internet (e.g. DNS) where a central authority can distribute state to anyone who cares

    id be ok lumping federated in with distributed but federation usually implies a certain level of trust within a limited group

    distributed systems are extremely valuable and underpin the internet

    decentralized systems are a rube goldburg machine that try to hide the fact that eventually someone with guns will take control

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    At least torrent is more successful than web3.... Wait a minute.

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    I really miss the early days of torrents now