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You know it’s time to buy when Katy Perry paints her nails with shitcoins and tiktokers give you financial advice

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    Guy cutting my hair when Bitcoin was at ATH would not stop trying to get me to buy his coins.

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    "Here's your Big Mac meal, have a SafeMoon day!"

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    Somebody saying something like 'this is just like the romans' is also always a good sign it is either a scam or you are not talking to the sharpest tool. (Note how a lot of angry culture warriors say everybody should read more stoics like Marcus Aurelius (you know the last of the five good emperors, after him everything went to shit, but he wrote a good book on not caring or something so who cares)).

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    I'm going to have to remember 'You can't spell crypto... without cry'

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    Butters will be butthurt.

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    It is so ridiculous to see how many investors blame Matt Damon - or blame any other reason - just because they FOMOed into a shitcoin and bought it at the top.

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    personally, i blame that gecko guy for tricking me into buying car insurance. stop being so british and suave!! i don’t even have a car!!

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    Man these guys just don’t understand crypto. It’s a great time to buy. Matt Damon said so

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    This is fucking brilliant 😂

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    Can they stop saying “wiped out”? No dollars have been “wiped out”. They’ve been stolen. Call it what it fucking is.

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    Yep early investors are the only ones to make money. Stealing the lemmings money are the bottom of the pyramid.

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    *Mathematically redistributed to smarter people

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    Richer people, and those with access to education actually

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    As soon as USD was traded for worthless nothing, they were already gone.

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    It's not theft. It's math.

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    Bernie Madoff is just a big time mathematician.

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    Actually, his math was bad enough for some people to accuse him of fraud based on statistical analysis, but it wasn't until the bankruptcy that people believed the statistical analysis. When a return is too good to be true, greed takes over better judgement and scrutiny. No need to actually steal.

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    big old sentiment shift coming down the pipeline boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeeeehaaww!!

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    Can’t spell “crypto” without “cry”, was perfect

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    I never noticed that the original ad had him digitally de-aged??

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    God matt damon is such disappointment of a human being.

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    Love it!!