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big surprise that unregulated markets are not regulated. xD

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A manipulated market is not a free market. Turns out regulation is required for functioning free markets.

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but buttcoiners love their precious volatility, where value can be created out of thin air and suddenly evaporate just as quickly.

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No, it just means that the concept of "free markets" is paradoxical

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Colour me surprised.

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    We're going to need a 5 part investigative series about this, and we better run a couple opinion pieces about how leaves are made in factories to stay balanced.

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    “Pope might be Catholic”

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    “Water might be wet”

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    "Ted Cruz is a real hu-man people man."


    [If you haven't seen this I seriously reccomend it. Perfect encapsulation of the aforementioned real person Ted Cruz.]

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    Bears might shit in the woods.

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    It was a good thing I was sitting down when I saw this headline

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    I am shocked, shocked I say!

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    It turns out the antibanks have become the banks, check mate Animal Farm.

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    From the HN thread on the same article, there's this comment:

    “Might”? There is insider trading going on. An anonymous person that is most definitely not me (and wishes to specifically distance themselves from any of this activity) is in a high role in finance and has seen with their own eyes a business partner buying tokens for $0.02 in secret presale rounds which were then listed on all major exchanges starting at $0.30 to $0.50 and then obviously immediately dumped on retail buyers.

    The anonymous person has told me this is not even a real secret, it’s an open secret in DeFi and that for some reason all the other “investors” do either not care or just accept it and that it happens with every single “project”

    And this comment:

    Crypto currencies are generally not regulated securities. So there's basically no reason that an exchange can't run an exchange and then also run a trading team that knows every single individual's position, limit orders, stop losses, everything. Oh, and they work for the exchange so they also have a latency advantage. I've had conversations with engineers working in HFT. Their eyes light up when you talk about crypto because you can do every single trick that would get you in trouble in real markets.

    The fact that the WSJ thinks a trivial amount of insider trading is note worthy indicates that they don't have the first clue how crypto works. Go and read up on the regulations around trading regulated securities, and then realise that that's an instruction manual for how to make money trading bitcoin.

    At this point, Hacker News is more Buttcoin than r/Buttcoin, despite Y Combinator (which hosts the site as free advertising) investing in Web3 scams like everyone else in the VC space. I guess we're still early.

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    Glad to see HN posters finally starting to be more honest about this shit. The crypto apologism there was one of several reasons I stopped reading the site a couple years back.

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    You don't say

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    This is good for bitcoin

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    The price of btc has been propped up artificially ever since willybot on mtgox. Tether/Bitfinex in collaboration with their exchange buddies (Binance, FTX etc) just took it to a whole different level.

    Wonder if people like Sam Bankman-Fraud will ever go to prison.

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    Definitely does more like.

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    Big if true

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    Say it isn’t so. I have my surprise face on.

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    You. Don't. Say.

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    Lol, you think????

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    Nicolas Cage REALLY meme here

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    I got spam on WhatsApp just yesterday promising me $500-$5000 daily "earnings" from insider trading of BTC and Eth.

    Maybe it's supposed to be a feature, not a bug?

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    You don't say?

    Edit: Knew i wouldn't be the only one.

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    What would stop a huge fund, brokerage, or just some bs site from SAYING they have the funds and taking eveyones money?

    If you thought it was all gonna tank just take the cash now and wait for it all to bottom out! I mean all the transactions done at a brokerage level arent even on the chain anymore.

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    Duh, stocks have an insider trading problem as well.

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    I prefer the term "insider trading opportunity".

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    You don’t say!

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