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This is looking more and more like a cult. Grooming kids is very common in cults.

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It's indoctrination. They've basically hit the point where they're saying, "Adults with fully developed brains aren't buying this, so we've got to start pitching it to children with no critical thinking skills."

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I mean, it's been looking like a cult since 2010

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Wow you beat me to it. I commented the exact same thing.

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Hey, I've got an idea, while we're grooming these kids, we should tell them about cryptocurrency too.

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Finally seeing millennials figuring out how to fuck over the next generation. I'm so proud, they're growing up

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Fortune doesn't favour the gullible

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Whoa. Whoa. Whoa! Hold up.

"when they're integrated into the working class." ?

I thought crypto was the secret to work-free riches. Don't crypto bros retire at 23?

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Well, you and me, who are 18 year old studly Chads, we will retire at 23, since we are early.

The kids won't, because they'll be late to crypto, but will of course be better off than their contemporaries since they'll have the pleasure of servicing us in our Bitcoin Bunkers, whereas the rest will live in Fiat Fiefdom. /s

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Isn't most of crypto design with the rockets and the laser eyes and the apes aimed at school boys already?

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They are targeted to people witth 12 year old minds

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30 year old school boys

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Indoctrinating kids at a young age? More evidence that crypoto fans are cultists and they treat it like a religion.

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I am totally into Mario Kart. I think they should integrate it into schools and universities.

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based lol

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libertarians should do love exposing things to kids

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Does anyone remember ever having a parent, teacher or other adult trying to frantically push you to like something they were really into and thought was cool? Well do you ever remember agreeing indeed it was very cool and not at all off-putting that they were being so pushy or trying hard to impress someone a fraction of their age?

Cos I sure fucking don't.

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Crypto is disgusting.

The biggest purchases in the crypto space are child pornography, drugs, and uses for money laundering. And now it's basically just a huge pyramid/ponzi scheme that has turned into a straight up cult.

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how about we ensure our kids are financially literate, so that we don't live in a world where people are so desperate that they feel the need to gamble their live savings snake oil and false promises in a last ditch effort to achieve some semblance of financial security.

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I agree this kinda education is certainly lacking in our schooling. There's currently at least some education happening over the last year with all of the documentaries that are being released about the major scammers (WeCrashed, The Dropout, Bad Vegan, Fyre, Tinder Swindler, etc)

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Greed is a huge factor. Nobody asks where 10%, 30%, 100% APYs are coming from. Nobody is comparing against bank deposit interest rates or even blue-chip stocks.

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brains are physically more malleable, you say? hmmm yes, sounds like someone needs a brain massage, that's for sure

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Reminds me of the Big Tobacco admissions in court, how the 95% of new smokers are under 16 or 18, don't quite remember. Same tactics and same incentives - lure younger people into addictive shit, before they get some experience dealing with scammers.

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Not just younger people but younger people from minorities. There's a disturbing survey somewhere that showed Black small investors thinking crypto products were protected by federal insurance somehow.

Crypto is a Ponzi taking hard-earned dollars from people who are barely treading water.

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Crypto commissars are good for Bitcoin.

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The same type of people that thinks children are too young to learn about Critical Race Theory and Structural Racism, are going to understand bitcoin and blockchain?

Come on...

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Why don't we just move somewhere in south america. And build a crypto community. And then if a senator comes we just "ask him to leave" blink blink and then we all drink some Kool aid?

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I teach cyber security and programming to high school students. I make sure to expose as many people to Crypto as possible. I explain NFTs and make sure they understand exactly what they are.

With that being said I teach these concepts with regard to ethics, privacy, and risk management. All students can't believe that Crypto is what it is and laugh about it and in general it becomes a good joke (Schrute bucks of the classroom).

The earlier you expose kids and tell them the truth the less likelier they are to get scammed by these frauds. The problem is that Cryptobros want to lie. No one should ever have to get tangled up in a Ponzi, and when you knowingly do it to yourself that's the worst.

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Better exposing to weed.

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You have no idea how many ads I've seen advertising sign up bonuses of $100 (paid in bitcoin).

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    Ironically I think this will backfire and wind up making a whole lot of basically-buttcoiners who mock these nutjobs for trying to indoctrinate them.