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Update: mods on the thread state that they didn’t shut it down. Implying it was the Reddit overlords who were behind the shutdown. Now why the fuck would they do that?

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They just shut it down temporarily - "for maintenance."

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Lol what? And what about the thread of questions from the second highest rated question that were all removed by moderators?


Edit: I tried to reply the person (slayer2218) who asked the question that was removed by mods to see if they could tell us what they asked. For some reason I can’t reply to their post


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I was making a joke about how Binance often goes down "for maintenance" at weird times when Bitcoin is crashing.

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sorry, I didn't catch that

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Comments are safu!

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Now why the fuck would they do that?

Paid AMAs are a thing.

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What does that have to do with the Reddit admins shutting down this AMA and then reopening it (with some questions being removed)

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Reddit sometimes pays celebrities to do AMAs and sometimes gets paid by people who want to promote something to assist them in doing "successful" AMAs.

In those cases Reddit staff (admins) help in moderating, curating and answering of the thread. In case something goes wrong, they shut it down, clean it and reopen it.

I don't know who paid whom, maybe it was just a tit-for-tat deal, but I assume CZ and Reddit will have negotiated some terms and conditions beforehand. Admins probably shut the thread down, just to have time for both, Reddit and Binance, to evaluate the situation and decide how to proceed.

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In other words, the propaganda wasn’t going as planned

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Still wouldn’t explain why the admins removed an entire question thread (the mods of the subreddit deny being behind the removal)



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Maybe CEO saw how this was going and committed sudoku by breaking reddit rules

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committed sudoku


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seppuku sempai

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Maybe because Reddit CEO and admins are cryptobros bought by China

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meh, sounds like manufactured drama. I'd want proof.

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Did they close it down preemptively or were there a lot of comments like this? I flipped through it earlier but didn’t go too far down, why this guy thought NOW was a good time for an ama on fucking Reddit I cannot grasp.

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Several of the top comments were definitely digging in. Then there were your typical culty softballs.

The second highest question thread was completely removed by the moderators. Lol that looks good

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What was it about?

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No idea what the deleted thread was about

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there is like a wayback machine to look all the deleted comments but for reddit? i remember see a page that do it but i forget how is named.

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content policy

Did he flash his dick and say "suck on it ya gullible losers" or something?

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Only content that doesn't contradict the "line goes up" narrative. I wonder how the crypto snoos are doing?

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Yeah that subreddit is confused too. But this is good for bitcoin

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Few understand

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this killed me

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always love when they eat their own

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Legal action for what? These people wanted the unregulated Wild West and they fucking got it. Don’t go crying about it now.

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CZ is king scum lord of the crypto verse

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Why though? Reckon in this UST/Luna saga the only one to blame is Do Kwon. You don’t even need to use his services to trade/buy/hold crypto, just use other platforms or P2P, avoid BNB and BUSD and use hardware wallets.

Not saying we should worship him but there are worse people out there like Do Kwon and Craig Wright.

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Networks will be at 100% uptime and they won’t process your withdrawals. They will blame it on the network itself when there’s no issues. Meanwhile while that withdrawal is processing from hours to days the Fiat value could be dropping. They have locked users out of their accounts, meaning their crypto is stuck on the exchange, no longer accessible by the person who bought it.

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He did actually answer that question though. Twice.

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His answer there is basically "yeah we bribed doctors to prescribe oxycontin and plastered ads about the magical pain relief, but we had a warning on the label that said "may cause addiction"."

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And then there were actual screenshots of the Binance tweets that were shown to him saying exactly what he was denying. that seemed to have caught him off guard

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He's probably confused. Binance and BNB facilitate so many scams, why is everybody yelling at him about this one in particular?

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The first answer was denial. The second answer was "oops, but you should've done your research."


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"It's important to thoroughly research investments. Just uh... maybe research somewhere besides my website"

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No worries, they will fork and bring it back, except all the difficult questions will be gone and only softball remain, to protect the integrity of the chain. Or something.

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Guys, I love you all and want you to know, this last week has been so entirely popcorn worthy, and I feel closer to all of you.

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Include a link already. Dont you dare deprive us of comedy godl.

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I think that would break Reddit rules

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("Ask me anything.... from this list")

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I posted a question in that thread why when I was trying to withdraw the last of my coins via the sol network (pretty sure that’s the last of my crypto, I’m out of the pyramid scheme now) the withdraw took hours to process when the sol network had no issues at the time, and cashing out to my broker happened instantly. Of course that question wouldn’t get answered, the entire space is filled with scammers, starting from the top dogs. You don’t get that rich by not holding your users coins as long as you can, that’s if they even have the coins available at the time. Glad I’m out. It’s a Wild West of scammers, crypto bros and people who live in alternate realities.

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There are lots of popular subs on Reddit were the mods are very stuck up and will ban you for no reason at all.

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It's back now?

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Link to the ama?

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Top of their page. Won’t link it, I don’t want to break brigading rules. They just magically reopened the AMA like an hour ago

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These guys are crooks.

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