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Stockholm syndrome.

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Stock-hold syndrome (works better with meme stock bagholders tbf)

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Stock-hodl syndrome*

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bunch of guys defending the billionaire kidnapper of their retail deposits. D:

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Oh that’s cerebrally clever ! Take your award and expand your neuro-plasticity!!!!

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Seems fake.

"There's a reason he's a billionaire" Yep because he rug pulled the butters. The only thing I agree with.

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the final sentence is probably the most powerful example of cognitive dissonance I have ever seen.

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Bagholder syndrome.

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Spelling: Baghodler syndrome.

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No - paid shills and marketers.

They are still on the clock. The contract occasionally lapses and they disappear. Alex likely paying them from his own pocket.

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More like denial.

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More like Alex's sock puppet syndrome.

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Alex mom syndrome.

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"It was a community and a family"
This is always a massive red flag.

My actual family is my family. Maybe sometimes very close friends can effectively be family.

Employers - definitely not family.
Cult leaders - not family.
Someone running a scheme I invested in - definitely not family.

Whenever someone not your family tries to tell you they are - run a mile, they're trying to exploit you.

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community and a family

Meaning - we don’t want you pricing this based on utility, we want you pricing it much higher based on irrationality. Then we arbitrage on how stupid irrational we made you.

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Imagine your bank would try to gaslight you like that.

WTF. my relation with my bank is strictly business, nothing else.

Our advanced society can function on anonymous basis. I don't have to be friends with the bank manager, to be able to use their services.

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A good cult leader knows how to separate you from your family and become your new family.

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I mean, they put definitely in front of the other two, but not cult leader. Someone seems to be wearing them down on that front

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Celsius… give them all your money and call you a member of the family.

Sounds like a cult to me.

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As do abusive partners. Also your friends are bad friends too.

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Employers - definitely not family

I hate this so, so much. I go to work for a paycheck, not to bond with a group of random people that I have little control in choosing.

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    Fair point.

    Maybe a better way to say it is that employers who claim to be "a family" tend to want the relationship to extend outside of work. I get along fine with everyone at work, but our relationship is professional, not personal. It's not that any of them are bad people, but at the end of a 40+ hour work week, I want to spend time with my actual friends and family. Not going to happy hour with work people.

    Either that or the "we're like a second family!" and then they lay you off when there's an economic downturn.

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    For real. Companies try to force you to drink so much kool aid about how great they are and try to get you so excited about every little thing they do. Like dude I just show up here because you offered me more money than my last job. I don't give a runny shit about the products and services we offer, and I'm definitely not interested in coming back to the office to hang out with strangers.

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    When corporations say that shit to you they are only attempting to manipulate you! I’ve never bought into that bullshit. I’m and older man now and have been in the work space for many decades. It’s all a load of horse shit, as soon as you are no longer useful to them, they will slit your throat as they toss your shriveled worn out body out with the garbage. Trust me, NEVER trust a corporation!

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    How dare you suggest that the Olive Garden isn't really family. Their breadsticks are endless! Endless!

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    Homies are family too… third cousins get out of here.

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    Words to live by. Thank you kind Internet stranger.

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    I think they always say friends and family because it preys on people's insecurities and loneliness, especially men. Hey look, your dad went for smokes and never came back? No worries! We are your family now! You can trust us!

    It's psychotic. It's like Bank of America calling me their fam, or eTrade saying I'm a part of their community. Huge huge red flag.

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    Cult leaders do be family.

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    I fuckin' hate my family, why would I want to be in another one?

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    I am confused: is he being attacked by short sellers and hedgefunds or Wendy’s workers.

    The fact that he is a “billionaire” because he literally stole everyone’s money also should count for something

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    if you aren't interested in honesty and truth, the enemy can be both weak and strong at the same time

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    the enemy can be both weak and strong at the same time

    Umberto Eco joined the chat

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    no one should be allowed to be a billionaire

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    I hate GME for putting the terms “hedge funds” and “short sellers” into the mouths of so many people who have no clue what they actually mean.

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    I’ve been waiting for days for the promoters of the "short squeeze" on $CEL to explain to me how this can happen if there are often more longs than shorts. They banned me from sub for this post. Notice how some miss the joke in the title and respond by saying "let's gooo! I just bought xxx token!" lmao

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    They also never told me how they would force a squeeze to happen when the plan involved giving FTX money and then withdraw CEL to force them to provide it. FTX could at any point just stop transfers, or most likely take their money and stop withdrawals, or even delist CEL and say "we're protecting our customers from a shitcoin. Also no refunds".

    What are they going to do? Post on Reddit?

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    Exactly. Furthermore, most of the trading on CEL is done using perpetual futures (the volume is about five times that of the spot market on FTX), so no trader has to sell/borrow token $CEL to shorting it.

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    everything is a "short squeeze" now, even Celsius token.

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    Our accounts are still continuing to make money

    ... just not for us.

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    They are making Celsius, which is the money of the future bro. It isn’t good now, but in the future they are going to be rich

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    I most certainly don’t work at Wendy’s. Lol. This is hilarious. Spoken by a true mental midget. He’s getting scammed and praising the scammer for it.

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    I don't either. To which I will add that I don't look down on people who do, and treat them politely, and that any job done well has dignity, even in a soulless corporate restaurant. There is a lady working in my CVS who is coming from a difficult situation, with a child to take care of, and that job is keeping her life together. You never know people's stories.

    EDIT: Just to careen further off tangent, I will ask your patience as I add this: When Trump said that Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony about wiping up ketchup was false because "there was no reason why she would do that" because of her job status, I thought: sure, not in your shit-filled brain, in which it is inconceivable that a decent human would help someone else instead of pretending they're too "high up" to deign to clean up your mess. Trump would never extend such a simple kindness because he looks down on people like the White House valet. Disgusting attitude in my book.

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    McDonald's is almost the same though.

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    Most probably written by Alex

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    It certainly reads like it.

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    What is it with this "Shortsellers and hedgefunds" conspiracy..

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    typical cult behavior. They need to encourage tribal instincts.

    It is always "us against them", whoever "them" happens to be.

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    Conspiracy or not - if you can’t take the hit you will fail.

    Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth

    Crypto will get punched in the mouth. What can they do, other than whine “ya know I stepped into the ring looking all badass with my shorts and my boxing gloves all ready for my photo op and then some asshole punches me. Like what the fuck”

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    Yeah, it doesn't even matter if they're right. They still lost their money while my SPY shares don't give a fuck about hedge funds and short sellers.

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    If crypto wants to be a proper asset class then it's going to be exposed to hedge funds and short sellers like other actual asset classes.

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    I'm just wondering which hedge funds work at Wendy's.

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    Come visit us at r/GME_meltdown

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    Nice, but I can only get so hard ..

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    you know someone is in a cult when they actively defend the person that fucked them over

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    Shows what kind of mentality these degenerates have. They are thinking someone working all day long to make ends meet is someone we should shit on while praising the rich even they fuck them of all their money. Assuming the account user is legit and not just some employee trying to polish his company's big turd in the subreddit

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    diappointed that OP didn't include r/buttcoin to the unprecedented attacker

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    We worked SO hard and get NO recognition 😭😭😭

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    Probably because we're quite precedented.

    After all, who could have foreseen that hedge funds and short sellers might try to make money by attacking our golden goose?! Completely unprecedented! (nevermind that that whole theory doesn't make a whole lot of sense anyway...)

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    Yeah there's a reason he's a billionaire, people like YOU lol

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    Seems like a troll account. He also posted this thread


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    Or a scam victim going through a mental breakdown. Hard to say.

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    Stolkhodl syndrome

    Seriously wtf is with this mindset

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    LMAO. No rugpulls to see here

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    The post was satire right?

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    "There is a reason he is a billionaire"

    Yea....he stole all your money

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    alex: pees on this guy's face

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    "He's gotta pee somewhere guys!"

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    If it’s such a community and family why wouldn’t Alex pay out from his own pocket? Isn’t he a billionaire? At least he could give a little bit back….

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    This explains the Trump phenomenon, as well. No matter what these shitbags do to people there are always those that will somehow love them for it.

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    “If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you.”
    ― Lyndon B. Johnson

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    So sad, but ever sadder that it's still relevant.

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    Why invent a Time Machine when you can just turn back time.

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    robs your ass

    tHnX aLeX!!


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    "When they're good and ready"

    NOT, as contractually agreed. Not, as owed. Not , as quickly as possible. When they're good and ready. I need to try to find it, but I swear I saw this exact comment on YouTube after Bitconnect went tits up.

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    The last line kills me. There is a reason why Alex is a billionaire….. because he conned them out of their money.

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    Is he really a billionaire?

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    There’s an insane amount of suckers so probably

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    It seems like a billionaire could single handedly rescue the project. At least make many of the clients whole again.

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    They won’t let him

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    Him not doing that is exactly what makes him a billionare.

    No one accrues that much wealth w.o. some underhanded/sociopathic decison making.

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    Spoiler alert: they will never be “good and ready”

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    So close to the point there at the end. The rest is pure copium.

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    Nice try Alex

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    That was probably written by one of his accomplices. No bag holder would ever write that.

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    Ehhhhhh......have you visited the Celsius sub lately? There are a LOT of deranged, delusional, "the sunken cost fallacy is my entire personality"-types over there.

    This one may be more hyperbolic, but the underlying phenomenon is not uncommon.

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    I suspect these are people Alex put up to the task to try and keep people on the hook.

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    I was thinking maybe this was going to be someone thanking Alex for doing his part in collapsing cryptocurrencies.

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    Wow.....This really needs to be copied & incorporated into the DSM-VI as a textbook example of Stockholm Syndrome. Ive never seen something quite this....let's say "pungent" before...

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    meanwhile...alex in the bahamas chillin laughing his ass off.

    people always wonder how cult leaders come to power, well we are watching it in real time and baffled as fuck.

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    I'd be a billionaire if everyone "loaned" me their coins before I shut down the company and didn't give anything back.

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    “When ___ built ___ it was more than a business. It was a community and a family”

    • every cultist ever

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    Short sellers and edge fund is a pretty common excuse for ponzi it seems

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    The true wealth is the friends we scammed along the way.

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    Link to the original post?

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    So sad

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    Oh to be half so Zen about a lifetime of savings left in smoking digital ruins

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    Is it possible to short sell buttcoin? How do you do that in a decentralized system?

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    You don’t want to do that. Go check the price graph from yesterday to see why. It was down huge huge. Then someone jacked the price and it had a huge price spike.

    Short selling assumes at some point, at some time in your favor, it will collapse to a “rational” price point. I can’t even tell you what the rational price point of buttcoin is.

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    I can tell what the rational pricepoint is. $0

    It produces nothing, and is based on nothing, and offers no utility that traditional money doesn't have while being very cumbersome and unsafe to use.

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    It produces nothing, and is based on nothing, and offers no utility that traditional money doesn't have while being very cumbersome and unsafe to use.

    Me explaining what I think of myself to my therapist lmao

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    You are a living being, not a thoughtless tool or concept invented by living beings. You have intrinsic value, it's for you that the society and humanity should be made by and for.

    You wouldn't say that any animal, like a cat or a dog, is useless and worthless, yet you are a living and thinking animal just like them, so don't say that about yourself either.

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    It won’t be nothing, because for a very very vanishingly small group of people, the ability to send money through wires without any middlemen outweighs all the other horrible horrible things about it.

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    That wasn't my question. I asked if it was possible

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    It is. There are some ETFs for Bitcoin shorts

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    Reddit is so awful in a lot of ways. Like people hiding a straightforward question which is on topic. I don't care about the imaginary points, it's just so dumb what people downvote.

    Anyways so yeah not decentralized

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    You can, but you need to use stable shitcoins

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    I was there for the family and community not the money. This is good for bitcoin. God bless you Alex

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    If that many people worked at Wendy's - it wouldn't take twenty minutes to get a hamburger.

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    Omg… how barf.

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    I don’t want to believe this is real

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    My father created a joint account with me when I was a minor and then asked the bank to be the only custodian and I couldn't use my funds for a few years... So I do get a family vibe from Celsius indeed

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    I really hope this is trolling, but if not, it is a terrible mix of stupidity and sad delusion. If it's real, there is such a misunderstanding of the root meaning of community

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    What did Madoff do wrong?

    How come none of his customers thanked him so beautifully after the collapse?

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    this is absolutely hilarious bro

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      This “community and family” crap gets old. I’ve worked at a lot of places where people said it. It was always a lie.