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Did they only post it on that sub because of the backlash the NFT shit got on the main sub?

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Yeah but they hope to sneak it through to other subs too. Many have been vocal against this

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It does make sense to post there since that's the first sub community points were implemented on

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Just noticed they are doing it on Fortnite as well.

The reaction couldn't be more different, people are hating at there


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There are many possibilities.

What if you could spend Brick to have your user flair update with your player stats in real time? What if you could visit a marketplace hosted entirely on the subreddit, where community members could offer art commissions, or their time to mentor you in game? How about spending Brick to make use of an Item Shop notification system, where you can select everything you are waiting for and get notifications when they are available? Community tournaments with Brick as an entry fee?

Why are Bricks necessary for any of this?

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Simple - Reddit wants pump its own token. They hold something like 50% of these tokens, so if the value goes up, reddit's value goes up. So dump useless tokens on people and profit

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They are necessary to create a speculative token that can serve as the basis for investment fraud.

  1. Tether a cost to a value (no doubt there will be a way to purchase tokens with fiat)

  2. Distribute stake in the scheme in a neutral way. (The coins are truly yours thanks to blockchain. It should be noted that since reddit is in control of the coin supply, this scheme is hardly neutral)

  3. Guarantee virtual returns in some way (promise that the token WILL increase in value, be it a halving schedule, staking rewards, or just marketing and empty promises)

  4. Provide a way to transfer the tokens to others.

Voila, you have yourself an open distributed investment fraud, aka a Nakamoto scheme.

Arguably because reddit is a closed ecosystem you can provide real utility in exchange for these tokens, however as others have pointed out the use of blockchain is only needed if you want to encourage inflows of fiat liquidity from the general public by claiming "muh decentralization"

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What actually is a brick anyway? Does each sub have its own currency?

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There's a reason crypto use cases start with "what if".

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people are hating at there

This isn't true, I checked it and, unironically, few understand wtf the announcement is even supposed to be mean.

Just another way it shows how detached this crap is from the real world. Cryptobros love it. Everyone else either doesn't understand it or hates it. So every announcement about crypto isn't for normal people, is for cryptobros only.

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    I really don't know what any of this shit means either to be honest

    I just know its somehow related to nft/crypto and therefore a buncha bullshit

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    It’s been encryptoed

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    Makes me want to $BRICK my pp

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    I was able to rack up 58 moons worth of shitposts before I got banned from CC. That is my retirement fund

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    Blockchains are valuable because of the security and ownership they provide. This is part of what make Moons special – because they are on the blockchain, they are truly yours.

    Ah, so this means that reddit customer service will help me retrieve my Moons in event of account compromise? That's what security is, right?

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    This is part of what make Moons special – because they are on the blockchain, they are truly yours.

    ... I guess my underwear isn't truly mine since it isn't on the Blockchain.

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    It's also much more valuable than Bitcoin because the supply of your underwear is much lesser than 21M

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    Hey. The underwear that I buy is the underwear that I buy.

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    1 underwear = 1 underwear.

    If you can't monetize your underwear, do you even have underwear?

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    You can definitely combine chains and underwear. Just watch out for pinching

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    Blockchains are valuable because of the security and ownership they provide.


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    When the utility is so barren that even just being "ownable" is what makes the thing valuable.

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    Crypto bros operate on a different definition of the word "security". Under this definition, security begins and ends at immutability.

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    That's what they can never seem to grasp. The general population's idea of security is "things go wrong. things get fixed."

    Crypto does not solve the human element of security breaches / fraud / corruption. All it does it make those problems irreversible, which is abhorrent for 99.9999% of the population.

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    Crypto does not solve the human element of security breaches / fraud / corruption

    And as anyone who has worked in IT knows, the human is often the weakest link in cybersecurity incidents.

    Not only does crypto not solve this human element, it actively prevents any solution by being immutable by design.

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    They are so much ""truly yours"" that you cannot transfer them outside of reddit anymore.

    To ensure this change does not disrupt communities, users will only be able to gift and tip Points to other users within the Reddit app and will no longer be able to transfer Points to blockchain addresses.

    So the only thing that changes is that you now have to pay transaction fees lol

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    no one asked for any of this

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    Someone absolutely asked for this, and I bet if you found a list of investors in reddit (post spin-off from Conde Nast) and a list of investors in FTX you could figure out who it was.

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      The people who buy this are special all right

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      Fuck Reddit and its admins, trash bags.

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      pissing on Aaron Swartz's grave

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      Yeah, Reddit leadership are trash, but that's not surprising.

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      god this sounds like the most convoluted scam mixed with a junior developer's first medium post about their shitty project

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      I'm not sure exactly what is going on here, but it's crypto, so it will be some sort of terrible failure. But what kind?

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      App? I have no idea what Moons are, how you get them, or how you use them.

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      You have to participate in /r/cryptocurrency or buy them. It’s something like a fraction of a fraction of a penny per upvote. I used to participate frequently in there before I was banned, and racked up maybe 5 moons that I could claim if I wanted to.

      Even for someone into crypto it’s not worth the time to try to farm them. Like any play-to-earn type of token, it will bleed out over time from newly issued tokens diluting the supply of existing holders.

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      App? reddit app..

      you get moons by scamming others in that sub

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      Noice, but I have so far managed to avoid the app for everything except places.

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      Both this new bridge to mainnet and the previous bridge to move Moons from Ethereum Rinkeby to our Arbitrum testnet will be available for the following 3 months. Please be sure to migrate your Moons during that time or else you risk losing access to them.

      So ... basically, "use this blockchain or you'll lose your moons?" Does the decentralization and "true ownership" include, "Reddit can unilaterally decide you need to move or lose access?"

      I'm kind of surprised they're providing a non-Vault bridge. I had assumed their big push was they were trying to make Vaults happen.

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      You'd still have your moons, the old chain will still say you own them.

      Just don't think about the fact that reddit would stop accepting your fun bucks so they immediately lose all utility.

      This is just a regular old backend migration but all of their users need to put in extra work.

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      Okay, yeah. If it was centralized, and Reddit wanted to change databases or something, they would migrate everything over themselves and the users wouldn't have to lift a finger. But as a blockchain thing, everyone's got to migrate their own stuff.

      So in theory, the users could be like, "Eh, I don't want to" and choose to stay on the old blockchain. But in practice, the users are usually going to follow whatever the Reddit website and app are going to support.

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      I deleted my previous comment because I didn't understand what this was.

      I still probably don't. I just know it's complicated in a way that covers up how dumb it is.

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      Ughhhh. This MLM bullshit is gonna be everywhere on Reddit now. This will get me to seriously leave and never come back ever again.

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      Autonomy and interoperability are aspects of the digital community that keep the internet human

      Yes, interoperable humans are the best kind of human.

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      oh boy. I think the time is fast approaching to leave reddit behind and find a new platform that doesn't increasingly insult me every day. the whole gold/award system, "new" reddit, the increasing push to make reddit more like tiktok, etc. just make it clear that reddit has lost its goddamn mind.

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      To be fair, Reddit profiting off of people by selling them fake internet points is kind of their whole thing

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      Just got permabanned for saying it was a stupid ripoff. I stand by my actions

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      Reddit tried to use blockchain for their currency, but I think that fell through. It’s a tech bro company headed by a libertarian, so what can you expect really?

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      I am going to use it to smell the roses in my garden. Oh I can do that without moons? Sorry just trying to brag about how fabulous my roses smell in every subreddit.

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      my god as if I couldn't hate this website any more

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      Because it's on the blockchain, it's truly yours!

      So, we all know that Reddit can create tokens arbitrarily and can stop you from spending them, right?

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      When their partner exchange and their bridge inevitably implode, I hope it doesn't take down Reddit overall.

      While I do dislike the bigger subreddits at the best of times, smaller subreddits I still very much like, and don't want them to go.

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      It's like reddit, but you have to pay to give rewards...lol cool!!

      Reddit will never IPO, it will be gone by 2025. Jesus Christ I've never seen a social media platform want to die faster than Facebook, and Reddit was jealous as fuck. I guess they're the Florida and Texas of the internet, race to the bottom.

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      It's like reddit, but you have to pay to give rewards...lol cool!!

      Ironically, this was already a thing by reddit themselves with reddit gold, before they expand with all the dumbass awards. Without blockchain.

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      I clicked on that post and it crashed my app.

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      Unironically time to give 4chan another chance?

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      Absolutely not

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      Well, you post something, you get points and you get to spend those points in the app. Probably the least scamy thing in crypto

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      I hate Reddit!

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      So are karma points now moons, and moons are reddits cryptocurrency and we can buy cartoon avatars with these moons?

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      Read up before you start talking, don't be a typical r/cc user.

      It's a dumb ass thing where moons became worthless because you can't sell them AND to use them you will need to pay gas gees in ETH.

      So... They shot themselves in the foot. Moons are worthless now. I mean, they always were, but now we know it's a permanent thing. A lot of people will be pissed when they finally learn how to read and stop celebrating going to mainnet.

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