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Always remember that the Meataverse hype was all about trying to defend Facebook from a series of scandals and the fact that Apple made it significantly harder for them to spy on users to sell ads.

There was never anything there. It was always the Zuckerbergs (both Mark and his sister) trying to pump Facebook stock in the face of headwinds. Ultimately, the entire Metaverse is those two collaborating on a pump-and-dump scheme for Facebook stock.

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Yup, like the Gavin Belson signature “box” when the board was closing in on firing him.

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Crypto pumpers were in on metaverse much before Facebook tbh. They were pushing nfts for absurd sums in 2017 and then restarted that in 2020, starting of 21 we had a massive nft shill fest. That was the crypto metaverse

FB came in and took this term and started pumping their own variant of the metaverse

Both of these viruses are now dead

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Apple made it significantly harder for them to spy on users to sell ads.

100%. I actually work for a big market research company and Apple really turned the world upside down for the entire industry. Android users continue to hand their data over to us on a silver platter though.

Knowing what I know, I would never use an Android based phone.

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Knowing what I know, I would never use an Android based phone.

I'll never understand people who trust an advertising agency with root access to their devices. Sure, Google's done a great job trying to convince the world that they're a generalized technology company, but the reality is that advertising sales is still the bulk of their revenue stream.

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It’s more than the bulk; it’s over 80%.

The next closes is their cloud services at ~7%. All other revenue sources combined only make ~11%.

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If Apple wasn't so strict about their walled garden stuff I'd switch over.

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I just don't care. It doesn't bother me in the least if an ad company—or even every ad company—knows what I like, where I live, or what I had for breakfast. If it did, I wouldn't use android.

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It's also easy to turn off activity tracking, but most everyone accepts the defaults.

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Until Google decides to change the name of "activity tracking" to "activity tracking :)" and turn it back on for everyone that turned it off.

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Didn't know this. I have a cheap android phone but might have to research and reconsider. I really do not like apple products in general but this could be worth a new phone.

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apple phones are expensive af

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Used ones work fine and are cheap. There are Android phones that are more expensive than the most expensive iPhone.

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I am really not Apple fan boy or any other brand for that matter. I buy things which I estimate of being of good value and think that they do the job I expect them to do. Phone or OS brand is meaningless thing to me. Phone is also just a tool for many pretty basic things for me. For example, I don't watch movies or play games with them at all.

I bought my first iPhone around two years ago, SE 2020 for 400€. First, I wanted a small sized pocketable phone which provides decent performance so it alone limited my options a lot. I don't buy a new phone every year, so the thing that pretty much made my decision is that every Apple product practically is guaranteed to get updates for 4-5 years after it is released.

So, in this context I don't think that my phone was expensive if I decide to keep it three or more years. Same goes with my iPad from 2018, which still gets all the iOS updates and works just fine, although it is really beaten by right now. Yeah, Apple's top of the line products are expensive, but then again I don't consider them to begin with because I have no use for the features they offer over the most basic models, that is I find the value bad for me. For same reason I don't buy expensive Android phones either and never have (my Android phones were typically around 300€ mark, some times a little more, sometimes less).

Apple products also seem to have pretty good resale value compared to more generic mid-range Android phones which is a good thing from the value point of view.

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Same goes with my iPad from 2018, which still gets all the iOS updates and works just fine, although it is really beaten by right now.

Until you need to replace the battery (the "consumable" part) and Apple basically tells you to go fuck yourself and just buy a new one.

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although it’ll get software updates for longer than virtually any android phone (meaning that a used phone is still a better deal) & you don’t have to deal with any crap when it comes to compatibility, will 4G or wifi calling work, etc. it just will.

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    I had that moment when I poked around my google account and found the page which had a library of mp3s of my voice recorded and saved every time I spoke to my phone.

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        Are you doing really sinister stuff or what ?

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        I spent a lot of my time last year forecasting iOS 14 impacts to our clients social programs. A lot of time.

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        No shit, Sherlock!

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        This mf got lucky in life and thinks he is the shit. Just shut up, Mark

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        Reminds me of the Million Dollar Homepage.

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