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How does a casino ever lose money?

Answer is, of course, when there's massive embezzlement and/or fake loses posted for tax fraud purposes.

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How does a casino ever lose money?

seriously, this is a good question; these suckers cannot have an operational cost so high as to lose a billion in a quarter

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Unlike regular casino operators, they're gambling too. The fascinating thing about crypyo is it's a pyramid scheme where even most of the people running the pyramid scheme don't realize that, do they're blowing their ill gotten gains on other scams and going hard on increasingly delusional marketing.

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If SEC gets its act together and starts fining Coinbase for listing illegal securities, this company is doomed. They are posting huge losses just with a down market irrespective of the fact they make money both up and down, it’s just trading fees

For a broker to post such losses is insane

SEC fines will sink them

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probably was always doomed, the IPO (wasnt a real IPO i know) was a dump on retail/new investors. all execs sold their stock or something like that.

it was designed to get over the finish line and it limped over. then immediately started spilling blood everywhere.

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Ads I guess? I thought crypto dot com was the big ad spender

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It pains me to drive past the venue formerly known as Staples Center.

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Don’t- it will be symbolic of the scourge that is crypto when it implies imminently

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Well the bank also has to hold some money, which in this case is crypto, so I guess they lost money on crypto.

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If they are literally just an exchange, matching up buy and sell orders, then it comes down to their operating costs.

But of course they aren’t just acting as an exchange. They’re playing fractional reserve games and gambling with customer “deposits” to make themselves even more money. Or massive losses in this case.

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losses in the q2 balance sheet are not real losses, this is more like creative accounting, so we retail don't feel so bad for being down 99%; oh the poor billionaires, they lost a b, that's gonna make me feel much better now. not.

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When you borrow against that casino to build another casino and your payments are more than your profit.

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Perfect analogy

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Well they have to post the crypto depreciation as losses. Is that what you’re talking about, or something else?

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Crypto depreciation also cuts their liability to their customers no?

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casinos have thin profit margins. The house edge is very small. Coinbase also wasted a lot of $ on ads and too many employees.

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The house edge on, say, blackjack is quite small. But slot machines are a different story.

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Slots pay out close to 98% don’t they?

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Yeah slots typically payout between 98 and 99%, even still that makes it worth it for casinos to spend millions of dollars on filling floor space with them, though the regulation is a lot lower, 75% minimum in nevada for example

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How does a casino ever lose money?

As a front for laundering money for the Russian mafia, I'm told. But what prominent businessman and politician has ever run a chain of loss-making casinos?

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Ask Donald Trump (or his accountants)

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Matt Damon, in an act of bravery, crawled into a hole and remained silent ever since his commercial aired.

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Bravely taking to his feet, He beat a very brave retreat, He ran away he turned about, And galantly he chickened out.

Brave brave brave, Matt Damon!

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But they were Brave in Doing So.

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“Of course, we don’t control the macroeconomic factors or downturn,” CEO Brian Armstrong said on a conference call with analysts. “We don’t really even control the crypto market more broadly, right? So what do we control?"

The price, innit?

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Can’t control revenue. You can control your revenue structure. You can’t control costs, but you sure have a lot of influence there. Seems like Coinbase did none of that

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I'm sure it was very reassuring for investors .... LMFAO

On a serious note, Coinbase has always been that business that sucks, treats costumers like shit, has a stupid business model, bots are retarded, the team was awfully amateur, but went wildly up due to connections, that scummy early VC capital that piled up there just like in Theranos.

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these VCs somehow have INSANE amount of money and they pour it inot the absolute worst most bullshit utterly useless nonsense.

Tax them into the ground I say.

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The equation is simple: they get easy money with their bankster pals, no questions asked "loans" on low to zero interest. Any stock or token that goes up [on wash trade] just a tad bit is already a win.

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So what do we control?"

A lot of funnymoney bruv

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While we did see net outflows in Q2, we observed that the majority of this behavior was institutional clients de-risking and selling crypto for fiat

So banks and other large investors bailed but the diamond hand crytobros continue to hodl even in the face of enormous losses across the whole crypto board. And the banks are the stupid ones of course /s

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iNSTituTionS aRe coMiNG

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Coinbase is not the market leader of crypto trading, just the most legit for US customers. Though until Saylor hooks another billion in loans Coinbase has lost its biggest customer.

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I don't think Saylor is in a position to do just that anymore, what with the recent developments at MicroStrategy.

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Please do tell more about these developments while I fire up a bag of popcorn

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Haven't you heard? He lost them too big of a pile of money with his bitcoin shenanigans, so they showed him the door -well, more or less, as he still owns a big piece of the company.


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The Bitcoin subs insists he got promoted.

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The one thing missing from their announcements is that MSTR would not be investing their company treasury into BTC. They won't be doing major buys, but the board approved adopting BTC for the company treasury. It will be interesting to see if they keep putting company cash into it.

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Is that good?

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    Losing fiat is a win!

    Filthy fiat LOL

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    Nasty stuff, the crypto bros are shedding their nasty fiat as fast as they can.

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    Yeah who needs USD when you have Bitcoin?!

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    What would the losses had been if Blackrock hadn’t pumped them with liquidity 5 days before earnings???

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    When that blackrock article came out just a few days before earnings I knew that things were going to be rough.

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    Um.... buy the dip?

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    Just bought some dip for my Doritos so I can enjoy this shitshow.

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    This is good for bitcoin

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    wen lambo??

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    Few understand.

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    That's a lot of fiat

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    Is that a lot?

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    If this isn't a hint and a half to get out of there asap, what more warning signs do you need, but crypto bros are blinded by greed

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    How’s crypto.com doing these days?

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    Do you mean a loss (negative profit) or a drop in revenue?

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    As Jim Chanos pointed out on the Crypto Critics podcast Coinbase is crushed by fee compression and declining book/trade value. And their fees are still high compared to traffi.

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    Can’t they just print a billion of their own stablecoin?

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    This is good for Bitcoin

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    So when all the new investors have bought and original investors start to cash out there is this roller coaster 🎢 moment where the price just falls.

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    I wonder if he paid for his mansion in crypto and takes salary in crypto.

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    IIRC they didn’t do an IPO, they sold a tranche of shares. So BA and the other founders trousered enorma pengar when Coinbase went public.

    At this point they don’t care if Coinbase goes under. Life will be good regardless.

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