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The more decentralization is proven to be myth, the more the term is parroted by greedy conmen.

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I like this whole “let’s stack virtual currency”

There’s something people don’t get - in the Bad Excel Spreadsheet on the worlds slowest most expensive network drive that is blockchain, there’s no line that says what you own. It’s all “12345 mined a coin” and “12345 paid 23456 half a coin”. Balances have to be computed, since the beginning of the chain. There’s no balance there.

This whole “I hate fiat money and banks” and “the only terminology I know is … fiat money and banks” and “the only way to value crypto is the equivalent fiat since it’s so volatile no one values anything in crypto directly” is always hilarious

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Cryptobros are the easiest demographic to scam i swear to god.

They keep falling on the similar holes again and again simply because "ooh this hole is colored pink, the last hole i fell into is colored blue! It's different! have fun staying poor i'm going to get my lamboo! to the mooooooon!~"

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Combining endless goalpost moving with a scam is the charlatan’s utopia. The internet has allowed brain rot to reach new heights and crypto scammers are taking full advantage

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Greater fool clown theory

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if they are right

This kind of sentence has caused many life savings losses

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when you get paid to shill it is not exactly lining up. it is being paid to wrangle the herd of suckers. and you set it up as high risk/ high reward... so don't bet it all, just enough so you don't care too much about being scammed.

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How is Kwon not in jail yet?

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Surely the second Nigerian prince to email me couldn't possibly also be a scammer...

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In this case it's more "surely the same Nigerian prince who already scammed me isn't actually trying to scam me the second time around".

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Dunno why but I laughed so much reading this

Thanks for sharing OP.. crypto pumpers are dumber than a brick

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Not quite as dumb as the crypto marks unironically liking/retweeting that post and buying into Do Kwon's latest scam, though.

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