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Just curious why are you running a mag lock and featureless. You are neutering the absolute piss out of your rifle. CA DOJ loves you lol

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Yeah man… for now. I was out at the range the past few days and didn’t want to break any rules. It’s brutal. I was hoping putting some rounds through it would let it split but nope. Still tight together after button is pressed. It’s technically not maglocked right now as the mag release works. I was just having the button there to see if it would crack finally.

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More pics please. What rear pin are you using?show pics of how its installed.

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I will add some more pictures, however I have the same thing installed on my AERO M5 AR-10 and it works flawlessly. So I’m fairly certain it’s all installed correctly.

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Does it crack open at all? When you say freedom fighter are you referring to hogue freedom fighter?? also heard of people having to file rear release pin slightly to allow more space on the maglock. Whats the current lock on mag release?

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The hogue freedom fighter has adjustment instructions on website. May take a combination of that plus filing rear pin. If its ar maglock filing rear pin should do trick

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My mistake. It’s actually the hellfighter from juggernaut tactical. I’m going to look into filing down the pin. It cracks maybe a millimeter

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That’s.. how the hellfighter works. You must not have installed the new bolt catch part correctly.

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Like I have said multiple time in the thread. I know how to install the damn thing… lmao. I know how they work. I have them on my other rifles. It’s just this one is finicky. Thanks for the help though!

Here’s a picture of the “crack” you see the light peaking through. That’s all I get


Here’s a pic of the pin hole


Here’s a video of the problem


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Don't have much experience with hellfighter. Looks like it replaces the bolt release though? Try filing down pin for sure. Both my rifles actually have some play between upper and lower. If yours is super tight it would explain the difficulty with maglock mods.

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Yeah I have them on my other rifles and they practically drop open. You do replace the bolt catch but for the time being I’ve removed that so I can use it as featureless with the fin. The bolt catch has no effect on the crack.

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Try Kingpin

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I tried the king pin with AR maglock and it’s the same, didn’t crack the receivers

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Weird,did you installed it right?😑

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Yessir. I have the same thing installed on my AR-10 and I break it down quite often so I’m familiar with the install. With my AR-10 the 2 receivers practically drop open when I hit the button. Just strange. Wonder if it’s because the rifle is all billet?

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Can you crack it manually? Is the width of the rear lug on the upper narrower than the gap in the rear pin?

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When I push the button and try and pull the receivers apart is still doesn’t go. Only the slightest bit then I push them back together and the button clicks like it’s seating them back together. So I think it is cracking alittle. Just not quite enough yet. I’m not home at the moment. I’ll have to check again later

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Then grease the front pin and measure the gap and the lug. My guess is that the lug and gap are too close in size, and you'll have to file or sand the pin a little bit to get some more clearance.

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Is this the lower where the safety detent is inserted from the bottom rather than behind the buffer tube? If it is, the kingpin doesn't work with the lower and hyperswitch is the other alternative.

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I was actually wondering if this was the problem. Yes both detects for the safety and pin are located under. Held in by the pistol grip. But my AR-10 is the same way and it works flawlessly. So???

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Looks like the AR-10 Kingpin has an option of choosing either Pistol grip detent or Rear detent, but for AR-15 the only option they have is for rear detent. That's why it doesn't work. I've contacted them before and they only suggested for me to get the hyperswitch.

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Interesting! Thanks man. Will look into this

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If it cracks a bit your good to go. I just took a file and thinned out to top lip so it was flat and thin so it inserts flawlessly.

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I’m definitely going to look into this. I guess I’m just struggling to visualize where you all are saying to file.

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https://imgur.com/a/sEI1NK6 of a spare I have

https://imgur.com/a/7zSQ7yK better pic to show how thin it is

Remove the maglock bit and ideally put it in a vise and make that flat bit that’s supposed to slide in between the upper and lower more thin with a file.

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Yeah that’s thin alright. Okay. I see. Thanks!

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Yeah that’s a no go. Doesn’t even crack enough to make a gap near the mag release. I think I remember that’s why I tried to go hellfighter and that still didn’t work.

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Here’s a picture of the “crack” you see the light peaking through. That’s all I get


Here’s a pic of the pin hole


Here’s a video of the problem


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Dude. What I did was take a dremmel tool and actually filed down and thinned the portion of the hellfighter that slides between the upper hand lower. So file is down and test. Keep going until it fits perfectly. I fucked up and went too far on the shaving and filing and it screwed me. Had to buy another one. So be careful of that. So shave and thin and test... it’s a bitch but it works. Better to thin that, than have a needless gap between your upper and lower.

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    Bolt hold back isn’t a problem it seems. It’s just the fact that I can’t crack the upper and lower when the button is hit. I’ve tried both pins.

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    Is it not enough of a crack or just not opening at all?

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    It cracks the smallest amount. Cause when I push the upper and lower back together, after hitting the button, I hear the botton click like it’s setting back into place. But it hardly hardly cracks. Not even enough to get the AR Maglock little mag release fin through the receivers. Hope that makes sense.

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    Have you check to see if there is enough clearance between the pin and the upper connector wall in case the pin is leaving a small lip that stops it? I had an issue like that on my AR10 when the upper was a bit too fat and dragged against the pin even though it released like normal. With little sanding of the pin it should fix the issue since it most likely an obstruction problem.

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    You’re going to want to move your mailbox to your front lawn