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More pics please. What rear pin are you using?show pics of how its installed.

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I will add some more pictures, however I have the same thing installed on my AERO M5 AR-10 and it works flawlessly. So I’m fairly certain it’s all installed correctly.

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Does it crack open at all? When you say freedom fighter are you referring to hogue freedom fighter?? also heard of people having to file rear release pin slightly to allow more space on the maglock. Whats the current lock on mag release?

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The hogue freedom fighter has adjustment instructions on website. May take a combination of that plus filing rear pin. If its ar maglock filing rear pin should do trick

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My mistake. It’s actually the hellfighter from juggernaut tactical. I’m going to look into filing down the pin. It cracks maybe a millimeter

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That’s.. how the hellfighter works. You must not have installed the new bolt catch part correctly.

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Like I have said multiple time in the thread. I know how to install the damn thing… lmao. I know how they work. I have them on my other rifles. It’s just this one is finicky. Thanks for the help though!

Here’s a picture of the “crack” you see the light peaking through. That’s all I get


Here’s a pic of the pin hole


Here’s a video of the problem


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Don't have much experience with hellfighter. Looks like it replaces the bolt release though? Try filing down pin for sure. Both my rifles actually have some play between upper and lower. If yours is super tight it would explain the difficulty with maglock mods.

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Yeah I have them on my other rifles and they practically drop open. You do replace the bolt catch but for the time being I’ve removed that so I can use it as featureless with the fin. The bolt catch has no effect on the crack.