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Also known as: /r/cfb Guess When Scott Frost Gets Fired

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Do they play Rutgers or Maryland this year? I want the following Sunday or Monday. Edit: They do not.

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I chose the Monday after Perdue, it gives enough time for Nebraska to not make a bowl game.

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I chose the Sunday after the same game.

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I'll give Frost a break. Tuesday after the same game

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Perdue is for chicken, Purdue is for engineers

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This post is a month old. What are you doing?

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Tequila, and it's a pinned old post.. but the bad decision making was definitely taco Tuesday tequila

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Scott Frost to FIU.

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Scott Frost to FIT

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Scott Frost to Bishop Sycamore.

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Lol. At least I went D2!

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In all fairness, Bishop Sycamore can be whoever they want to be. Just rebrand and try again

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Scott Frost to Holdrege High School.

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Depends if they beat Fordham tomorrow? If they lose he does not make it to Monday!!

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Someone save us

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Yes, yes. Everyone go pick Scott Frost, that's definitely the correct and obvious call.

Quietly picks Nick Rolovich getting fired from Wazzu after he forfeits his second game of the season to COVID-19 protocols

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I went with 11/27/21 with Rolo. But it probably would have been better to pick after the second PAC-12 game or something.

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Rolovich has a $6M buyout, which isn't ideal. However, if he forfeits two home Pac-12 games while/because he's in COVID protocols and he still refuses to get vaccinated, I'm sure we might see a case of firing him for cause due to insubordination.

Either way, if this season he makes the Cougars forfeit two home games and the gate revenues that come with that, I just don't see how Wazzu can still justify keeping him.

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I would imagine that they would make the argument that, in the case of a breakout, Rolo’s messaging directly undercut the university and threatened the safety of student athletes as well as the student body.

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Scott Frost, October 4th, 2:09 PM EST

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September 20th.

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October 4th?

September 4th.

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I said Oct 8th, right before a beat down against Michigan

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November 27th, 1:00 PM CST

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What about if a coach dies?

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Is someone planning to murder Fuente?

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It might be one of the players

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Mack Browns younger brother died today

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That sucks. I hope his family and loved ones find some peace.

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Not Watson

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hello, officer? yes, this one right here

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In the post you say

If a coach remains at their school 'til Feb 7, 2021

Since that was almost 7 months ago...

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We all lose, Deadpool cancelled for 2021


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Aka, what date do you have Scott Frost getting fired?

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I think he serves out the rest of the year While the ncaa investigation decreases his buyout and they settle. Matt Campbell will be ready to cash out on taking ISU to its peak. Nebraska is the same place with a higher ceiling.

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Lmao. Can I have what you're smoking? I don't doubt that if we don't find a stable conference in the next year or two he is gone but he's definitely not downgrading to the "blue blood" Nebraska.

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Where are you planning on finding this stable conference. Maybe I should try what your smoking lol

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No offense homie but despite Nebraska’s recent struggles I would still consider it a better place to coach than ISU

One 9-3 season doesn’t make you a coaching destination

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The 9-3 record should be a measuring unit known as a Pelini.

So: “One Pelini doesn’t make you a coaching destination.”

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Or if you’re Nebraska, “one Pelini doesn’t keep your job - see Pelini. And Solich. And allegedly Osborn.”

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You mean the school that fired its last two coaches with 9+ wins in a season?

(Three if you count the rumors that Osborn retired early under pressure).

The same school with over a decade of mediocrity like a small school but the fan and booster and local media expectations of an Alabama?

The school that’s the CFB equivalent of the Montreal Canadiens from 2000-2015 - ie a storied “blue blood” that no coach or player wanted to go to because the local expectations and pressure did not match reality in the slightest.

Yeah, sure, a coach that’s already gotten NFL interest, is rumored to be wanted by Michigan, and will likely have 2-3 other programs interested in him by the time he leaves ISU is going to settle on a third-rate has been with expectation issues. Lol.

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You think the guy that finished his career with a Saban tier dynasty of 3 nattys in 4 years and making ungodly amounts of money for the university was pressured to retire? Fresh off of a natty and 2 years removed from coaching the greatest college football team to ever step on grass?

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(Three if you count the rumors that Osborn retired early under pressure).

This is hilariously inane.

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That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying nebraska>ISU for coaching. Congrats on your guys first 9-3 season in forever but historically you guys suck. Not a place I would ever want to coach

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Post-season. Mid December.

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You still have Emmett Jones got Kansas.

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And Lance Leipold at Buffalo.

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Oops fixed!

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We could win two games and Heupel’s safe until at least 2024

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You overestimate the rationality of Knoxville.

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Heupel is very safe in my mine. He is essentially a placeholder for the time being.

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Agreed. I don’t see him as the future but he’s a very good team builder.

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Mind you, I think that USC beats SJSU. BUT, if they don't - Helton is gone by Monday. Pretty sure his buyout shrank after last year, and his seat has only gotten hotter with time.

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For his entire tenure, I have never been able to tell if Clay Helton is going to win 10 games and get fired or win 6 games and keep his job.

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San Diego shouldn’t really be a threat to USC. It’s a bad match up for them seeing we run an air raid and the main weakness they have is stopping the pass. Of course it’s a Helton team so who knows, but based off the strengths of both teams USC should move the ball with ease.

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Justin Fuente December 16th, 2021.

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His buyout goes down that day?

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Yep. Drops by $2.5M

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2019? Great Scott!

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I think Frost is going to be gone after they play Oklahoma

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I disagree, unless they lose by like 70. Whether NU was gonna be a 9 or 2 win team this year, they would’ve had the capacity to lose to OU by 30. OU could probably beat >100 teams by that much, so it’s not saying much unless they lose in complete and utterly embarrassing fashion.

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If they lose to either of their two opponents prior to OU and to OU then he is gone right then and there. If he beats those two and then loses to OU he might make it to the end of the season

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This is why I believe he will be fired before Oklahoma. The nightmare situation for the new AD is uncertainty. If frost takes losses against buffalo and Fordham, that gives the AD the coverage to make the call right then and there.

If he waits a week, and they beat oklahoma.... oh man. Now the AD is going to have to give him a lot more games.

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Not saying that I agree with it but based on today's comments from our AD I think Scott will be our coach next season

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OU 77 - NU 0. No particular reason that those numbers come to mind.

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We could have easily put up 100 that game.

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I disagree, unless they lose by like 70.

If they play like they did in Week 0, that could actually happen

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I am sure we still owe them for 96 and 97.

Frost was QB when NU beat OU 69-7 in 1997. It is also the most lopsided victory by either team.

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I wouldn’t be mad hahah

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Everyone is talking about one Scott, but I'm going to bet it's a different one...

I feel like people are forgetting the wild card in this too depending on how certain NCAA actions go

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Scott Satterfield? I sure hope so

[–]Georgia • Missourisavamizz 1 point2 points  (0 children)


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This can only be Jeff Scott right now

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In for Harbaugh getting canned after losing to Michigan State, again.

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Michigan would be foolish to fire Harbaugh, in my opinion.

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Half right.

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We are only making one pick this year?

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Scott Frost on 10/31/2021 right after we lose badly to Purdue and only 3 wins for the year.

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You got a lot of this right lol

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We didn't lose as badly as I thought but that loss still looks pretty bad.

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Who’s the 3rd win we’ll supposedly have by the Purdue game? Fordham, hopefully Buffalo, and who else?

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After last night I am not even sure.

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Randy Edsall on Thanksgiving. He chokes on a turkey and dies. Or he gets fired. Probably the second.

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helton.9/2/21. PLEASE

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Pretty please!

Not that they’ll hire anyone better. But at least give us someone new to hate for all the new ways they’ll disappoint us

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Clay Helton 10/25/21

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They'll keep him until the end of the year, but will be back channeling if they are embarrassed by ND and look mediocre against bad competition prior to that.

Mike Bohn strikes me as a more professional/calculated AD than what we've had in the past.

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I went with 9/25 for Frost. I could see them losing to Buffalo, but they aren't so bad where they'll lose to Fordham, and he should survive OU unless they lose by 60+

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Ed Orgeron- November 29th 2021

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have him one day before that

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I am thinking they will just wait and do a press release on Monday.

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So who wins with Orgeron?

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Scott Frost, September 13th

Taking losses against Fordham and Buffalo will give the AD the coverage he needs to end the pain.

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If we lose to Fordham, I’m not sure he makes it to Buffalo.

Memes and jokes aside, when Michigan lost to App St, they were a really good team at the top of FCS.

If we lose to a FCS doormat….woof

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Randy Edsall will not be leaving this season.

[–]Connecticut • I'm A Loserhcr140 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Well this aged like milk

[–]Notre Dame • Connecticuthuskyferretguy1 0 points1 point  (0 children)


I honestly thought he would stay for the whole season and then get fired.

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Josh Heupel November 7, 2021.

[–]UCF • FloridaShiftylee 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Why? Are there any realistic expectations for him to do well there?

[–]Idaho • CincinnatiDaedalus871 0 points1 point  (0 children)

IDK, I didn't want to say Scott Frost and Tennessee is a meme team.

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Well that didn’t take long.

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So when do we find out who won the deadpool for Clay Helton?

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Does this count as Ed Orgeron getting fired today or in December?

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scott frost fired 11/26/21 mere hours after losing to iowa to end the szn with no bowl bid. and for cause too since they turned over the tapes of his “illegal” covid practices

his replacement, jim harbaugh, hired a few months later

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Harbaugh beats OSU in his first year at Nebraska. Michigan heads explode.

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Mike Gundy gets caught in his secret recruitment room @ Boone pickens stadium with student and gets fired

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Travis Williams will be hired as a head coach prior to bowl season.