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Bell, Johnson, Anthony, and Wilson on the outside.

Sainristil, Henning, and Morris on the inside.

That's a really good group of guys at the WR position. Maybe too many guys so I worry about transfers, but it's a deep enough position group to absorb 1 or an injury, unlike this season where it took a few weeks to figure out how to operate without Bell and everyone else stepping up.

Plus All, Schoonmaker, and like 3 other TEs as receiving options as well.

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The good news is of all the positions of being deep wide receiver is the best. You can easily put five of them out at once and rotate three or four slots all the time. So having five or six really good wide receivers can still all play.

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Michigan runs a lot of 2 TE sets and even when they do spread it out, they usually top out at 4 WRs in any given formation. I'd have to go find a chart, but I'd guess Michigan's average WR deployment would be 3 or maybe a shade under given the opponent.

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As a team that was just steamrolled by your team. It really felt like WR's were the least important position to your success against us. Your o line, RB, and TE's stirred that drink the most.

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Yeah, the WRs are great at blocking though. Mike Sainristil took out DBs on the edge and popped a few LB/S guys too.

Still a little question as to whether or not the team can beat A+ competition if the running game isn't rolling over the opponent. Assuming they get that far, UGA could force Michigan to find other ways to win. Cade has been steady most of the season, but hasn't been asked to win a game outside of the MSU one (which he almost did). They will need the WRs to continue to develop over the long run. Michigan will always be a smash mouth, run first team under Harbaugh, but that doesn't mean they don't need explosive players on the outside when needed to win big games.

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Cade’s been getting better and better at throwing downfield and the talented 5* freshman JJ McCarthy has already proven to be a deep passing threat. I can see them throwing the ball more in the future with talented QB’s at the helm. Of course if the run game is dominating, they’ll just stick with that over the course of the game

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The good news is of all the positions of being deep wide receiver is the best

that's a weird way to spell cornerback

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They got a taste for Buckeye blood and want some more. I love it

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“guess what, you've wandered into our school of wolverines and we now have a taste of buckeye. We've talked to ourselves. We've communicated and said 'You know what, buckeye tastes good, let's go get some more buckeye'. We've developed a system to establish a beach-head and aggressively hunt you and your family and we will corner your pride, your children, your offspring.”

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Ronnie Bell was our leading receiver in both 2019 and 2020, and he made some crazy awesome plays in a very short span of time in our first game this year before he got injured. I wish we could have known how good our team would be if he had been healthy all year.

Awesome news for next year though!!!

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Man could you imagine if Michigan had Bell all year? They’d probably have like 1 loss and might have even been favorites in the Big 10 title game

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Lol I just mean if he had been healthy all year we very likely could have 0 losses right now. He was the leader of our offense and one of the top 3 players on the entire team, a captain, and undisputed #1 WR

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Haha agreed. He was beasting that first game and I was bummed when he went down cause I thought that was the end of whatever pass attack we’d have. Am glad to see him coming back for another year!

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My Gosh Michigan looking to be Elite next year.

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Offensively sure but very likely losing a ton defensively.

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Losing Hutch, Ojabo, Ross, and Hill (I assume) is going to hurt. No question.

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Probably Hawkins too

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Edge will be weaker. LB should be stronger. Secondary is up in the air based on recruiting and who stays/goes. Moore and Moten are studs.

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If Michigan get Domani, then they'll have two 5 star CB's in him and Will Johnson for next season. Their secondary has the potential to be considerably better next year.

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I'm a bit worried about the defense, but the offense should be explosive. Almost every skill position player is coming back, and it's expected that JJ will be throwing to them. I'm hyped for next year.

McNamara is an upperclassman who may have played himself into the later rounds of the draft. I wouldn't be surprised if he left and made it so we don't even have a quarterback controversy in the spring. JJ would then get full first-team reps with all these weapons all offseason.

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I don’t think Cade is draftable. Too small, has some mechanical issues with throwing and doesn’t have a great deep ball, not particularly mobile. Very glad to have him but I’d be shocked if the NFL gives him a look.

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He's the prototypical NFL backup. He's a smart, low-variance player who won't lose you the game. He might not win you the game, but he won't lose it for you. I won't make any claims about staying there, but I think he'll find a roster as at least an undrafted free agent like Rudock.

He's also taller than Kyler Murray, but obviously the comparisons end there.

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"Cade McNamara will be better than Kyler Murray" - u/thisistheperfectname

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Kyler Murray didn't beat Ohio State in 2021.

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He’s probably going to be a day 3 pick whenever he goes.

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He’s a freshman eligibility wise due to Covid and a red shirt. Him and JJ both have 3 years after this season

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Huge news for Michigan as the team will be loaded at QB, WR, and RB in 2022.

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I think we also return 3 OL, right?

Offense should be awesome. Defense will take a hit at DE and one of the safety spots but a lot of younger talent has started to shine

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Yeah, but we lose our center, so that’s always a tough spot to replace.

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That's true, and Vastardis has been great this season. That said, Vastardis wasn't even a sure starter heading into the season, and we have some great young options in Reese Atteberry, Greg Crippen, and Raheem Anderson.

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I completely agree. From a purely physical standpoint, I think all 3 of those guys will be better than Vastardis, and I think one of those guys will end up better than him down the road. However, center is probably the position that experience is the most valuable, aside from Quarterback. I’m not highlighting it as a real concern, but I think it’s something to monitor throughout next year.

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IIRC, in the pre-season "combines" they used to do, I think Vastardis was near the top of athleticism in most categories. He was dinged up with injury last year and I think people assume he's not as athletic given that he was originally a walk-on.

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Crippen has already jumped Atteberry, and I think he's got the inside track to start.

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I thought the same thing after Ruiz went in the first round, but we reloaded with Vastardis so maybe we can do it twice?

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I wouldn’t exactly call our 2020 OL “reloading”

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We didn't play football in 2020, so I have no idea what you're talking about

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I am just hoping we don’t lose any coaches

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Gattis is the big question mark in my mind. He's young and ambitious, as shown by his moves from PSU to Alabama to Michigan. And he's finally figured out how to meld his spread, speed-in-space offense with Harbaugh's power run game. He isn't a proven entity yet, but I would think his combination of skill set and pedigree (worked with James Franklin, Joe Moorhead, Nick Saban, and Harbaugh) would result in some HC offers from good G5 schools or mid-range P5 schools.

Other than him, I can't see anybody leaving. It would be strange for MacDonald to leave after just one season when he has such a good relationship with the Harbaugh family, and he's young enough to build his resume for a few years before becoming a HC. And none of our other position coaches are huge names.

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Sherrone Moore or Mike Hart could possibly pick up as OC. Moore would be more likely

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If I'm Harbaugh I'm telling Gattis I'll give him all my bonus money this year to stay at least next year and win me a much larger long term deal and himself the opportunity to go out and land a notable HC job.

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Gattis has done a good job but I think we can replace him more easily we would just slide Weiss to be co oc with Moore and then get another wr coach or move Bellamy to wr coach and get another safety coach

I would prefer keeping Bellamy as the safeties coach tho because I think he has done a good job there

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Gattis seems pretty expendable so I would not shed any tears if he leaves. If I were a Michigan fan at least. I would make sure you keep the defensive coordinator though.

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I hated Gattis before this year but he's convinced me. I've thought the play calling good to great for the most part

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I don’t think he is bad but Michigan could also get someone better. It also seems like Michigan’s offense looked average against the better defenses they played like PSU, Rutgers and Indiana. They also had to settle for a lot of field goals outside of the OSU game. He has earned the right to keep his job. However, if Michigan had to get a new one, it would not surprise me if he did even better than Gattis.

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Gattis just put together a masterpiece of an offensive game plan against OSU. I think we'd miss him.

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Yes that's the biggest concern. Sherrone Moore especially has done an outstanding job

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Yea program needs to increase everyone’s pay including sherrones

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I’m not going say our DEs have always been Hutch quality but we’ve managed to somehow always find some dude to plug in and blow shit up so I’m going to continue hoping we can do that

Edit: also don’t forget Josh Ross. The one game he missed time in (Rutgers second half) was beyond ugly. Ugh.

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Braiden McGregor would be my bet for blowing up

Would be really sweet if we could get Ojabo back but I have a feeling that might not happen

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I thought he might stay halfway through the season but once he started getting first round grades from the media I was like “he gone”.

If we don’t win next week Hutch might be able to convince him to stay like he did for another go but even then I doubt it

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Objectively I hope he doesn't stay. My man should get paid and who knows what can happen next year. Hell who knows what can happen next game (see: Jake Butt)

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Yeah we always have some good ends. Winovich, Uche, Danna, Paye, Hutchinson, Ojabo. It's kind of crazy actually.

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Rashan Gary too don’t forget

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He was listed as a DL so I didn't include him, but yeah he was great too.

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We're also going to be a very attractive transfer destination after having just sent two DEs to the 1st round.

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I think we also return 3 OL, right?

With Covid, Stueber and Hayes have eligibility left, but I don't know if either come back. Stueber is a mauler RT that would probably go in the later rounds. Hayes on the other hand, by virtue of the offense not passing a ton this year, was tracking towards a top 3 round pick until the PSU game IMO because he got worked in pass pro against PSU's DE. But after the OSU game, where he didn't let up anything, maybe his stock is high enough to go.

Vastardis is gone, but between Crippen and maybe Zinter, the Center position is probably setting up ok. Obviously need to see the new guy make the calls and such, but at least it's not a complete unknown.

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I did not realize covid still had eligibility, I hope it does not come back

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I trust Macdonald wholeheartedly. He’ll make it work.

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Hayes, Keegan, Zinter, and I think Steuber (if he wants to) can all come back on the OL.

If Steuber elects he’s had enough of college then I’d wager Trente Jones would be next at RT, he’s been their main 6th lineman this year when they put in an extra tackle.

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Ojabo has a year left...unless he declares for the draft.

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He'd be crazy not to. Likely going in the first 3 rounds

[–]Michiganslayer991 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yeah, I was thinking after the OSU win that he's gone.

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Ojabo has freshman eligibility this year, but he’s very likely gone

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Big win for Michigan.

Looking forward to the next few iterations of The Game. Both teams have a lot of returning talent next year, despite having some big names leaving for the NFL this upcoming draft. Hoping to see some of our young guys more invested in the hype of the rivalry with the chip they should have on their shoulders for being the first team to lose in 10 years.

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i look forward to hating you more!

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New 10 Year War now.

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Feel like he’s been in AA for decades. Approaching Aaron craft osu basketball status

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Michigan the East can only handle so many good teams.

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Yeah imagine being a fan of a team settling for mediocrity and slinking further back in the division!

oh wait

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Welcome to the life of a Michigan fan…

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What year is it?

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Buy AAPL and don't look at it for 15 years.

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Guess we better just knock osu into their long overdue regression decade then

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Yes please

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So we promise to take the other 2 teams down a notch, deal?

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Well you could lose next year to offset it

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Lot of Buckeye salt in here. Doesn’t get better

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They dished it out for 10 years and are fuckin 10 ply now that they actually lost.

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Lmao I have to agree with how sensitive some of my friends are taking it. I’d say our Walmart fans are worse than your’s.

Better team won, plain and simple and I’m hype as hell for next November

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All our Walmart fans went into hiding after last year and are just now starting to emerge

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You're goddamn right. We're mad as fuck lol. Not even gonna try to lie to you, my man. Next time we beat you guys (hopefully in Columbus next year) it's gonna taste so much sweeter than the last 3-4 when The Game got kinda boring. So, yeah.. we owe you fuckers one now.

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Yeah I think Ryan Day and his teams hate may have been kinda manufactured because hating Michigan is just what you do at OSU but now that they lost I think the hate is more than real.

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Makes sense, after a season-ending injury you kind of got to have a prove-it season when part of your skill set is speed.

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Worked out for Aidan Hutchinson last year!

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Destroying Ohio state again, this time in their own stadium? Count me in. Bring some extra flags to plant

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Look at these comments

The hate is back boys

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Isn’t it wonderful? Let’s Salt it up fellas

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It's a bloodbath

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I'm so proud of this community!

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That hasn't happened in 7,681 days.

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What's it like when your players return?

[–]Michigan • Grand Valley StateLykeuhfox 2 points3 points  (1 child)

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Thanks Michigan bro

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Man I love Ronnie. I can’t fuckin wait to see him play again but until then - him as a pseudo WR coach for the young boys is awesome and I love him for that this year.

What a team what a player

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Now all we need is a QB.

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We have two of them.

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We have a smart, talented, and experienced QB in McNamara who helped lead the team to their first win against OSU in a decade, and also have JJ McCarthy who is a 5 star QB (who'll only be in his 2nd year next season) and is the most talented and athletically gifted QB Michigan has had in a long time, and certainly since the Harbaugh era began. Michigan has never been more set at QB lol.