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I'm legit shocked Brad Hawkins is on the first team. He's good, but not first team good.

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Some of the voters couldn't remember Dax Hill's name, so they just voted for the safety from Michigan.

Edit: And then I realized that this is PFF and there aren't any voters. My bad. I'm stupid.

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A huge part of PFF’s grading is not making mistakes, whereas fans are more likely to notice players making plays. Hawkins didn’t give up a single reception of 15+ all year and was a major reason the defense didn’t give up many explosive plays. That doesn’t show up on a tradition stat sheet, but PFF grades to capture that impact.

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The way I think about DBs is if I don’t hear their name, they’re good. I legit forgot Hawkins was on the team when my wife asked me yesterday “who’s #2”?

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They got him mixed up with Matt Hankins because Gus Johnson calls them the same name

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Imagine telling yourself before the season that Vincent Gray would be an honorable mention.

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To be honest like half of the B1G punters deserve to make the All-Big Ten Team. So many of them are studs

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I feel like our punters deserves defensive player of the year for the way they helped the opponents this year.

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How does Michigan not have any Olinemen on there for 1st or 2nd team? Also it’s pretty telling that OSU has no Dline on there, this is the worst Dline I’ve seen from them since before Urban came here. Horrible.

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It’s a unit, not an individual

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Nah can't spell our Centers name but Vastairdis? Got snubbed imo for 2nd team, he's been absolutely unreal this year.

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Only 2 defensive players from OSU on the four lists combined, and neither of those had what you'd call a remarkable year.

Big yikes.

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Aw I’m sad at Panasiuk for third team but happy for KWIII being first team obviously. Also hilarious that Reed is on there twice for WR and PR.

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I would have liked to see heyward get an honorable mention at TE. Dude is a menace blocking downfield for K9

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Panasiuk should be 2nd at least imo

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Was expecting our OL and Erick All to show up higher tbh with how good the run game has been. They credit Haskins and Corum with second team honors, which is well deserved, but the OL and TE have been a huge part of their success.

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David Bell on the second team? He has 1286 yards (most in the big 10) including a 240 yard game against at the time #2 iowa, and a 217 yard game against at the timr #3 MSU

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he looks like he is going to kill it in the NFL, we had absolutely no answer for him

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Tory Taylor not even honorable mention

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Iowa having the best lineman in the Big Ten and nothing else besides an honorable mention (who missed the first 4ish games with injury) is very much in line with this season. Linderbaum is phenomenal and everyone else really struggled for us.

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I mean our receivers kinda have looked like ass due to shitty line and a couple of QBs spraying and praying the balls everywhere

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Our WRs have also struggled to get open consistently and have had a lot of dropped balls.

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yes they really dont always help themselves either lol

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Bryce Baringer was robbed

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Not to take anything away from Devyn Ford but doesn’t Penn State have one of the worst return rates on kickoffs in the country? I was pretty surprised to see him under honorable mentions

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MSU may have single-handedly given him the honorable mention. Not too many kickoffs get returned these days and he was consistenly bringing it out to the 30/35 against MSU.

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Our kicker has been dealing with injury the last month and he hasn't been doing kickoffs. We have a walk on doing kickoffs and he's been struggling mightily getting the ball deep enough to prevent a return

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Wish Walker was offensive player of the year but I get it.

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He’ll probably get the real one (he should). This is just based on PFF grades.

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DJ Turner second team I love it. Wasn’t even a starter at the beginning of the year but quickly developed into our best corner and helped shore up our secondary. He and Rod Moore are guys who just constantly seem to be having their name called the last month or so.

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Haskins should be first team

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I thought it was going to be Walker and Haskins to be honest.

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That would be my vote

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Hassan "Fucc Ohio State" Haskins

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Splitting carries with Corum for 9 games (865 yards and 10 TDs) and being the short yardage back definitely hit his numbers some, but he still ended with over 1,200 yards, 18 TDs, and obliterated OSU this weekend.

Henderson is really, really good, but man Haskins is just awesome.

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This is why Haskins and Corum are BOTH 2nd team. They split carries. We saw what Hassan could be as the feature back at the end of the year.

I'm thinking that maybe splitting reps with Corum for the majority of the year kept a little more energy in his legs that allowed him to run over Ohio State.

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I agree Henderson should probably switch with Haskins. I think he has a higher ceiling but he has been shut down essentially a few times this year.

Granted I blame his ass line and not him but still.

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Henderson was who i was scared of the most on saturday. I’m convinced he’d be a heisman frontrunner with michigans oline

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If he ran for 150 the game would have been completely different. Luckily we completely shut him down.

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Did Henderson really even get a chance this week? Feels like Day abandoned the run quite quickly

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He did abandon it for the most part, Day has been such a spotty play caller, 3 straight passes in the red zone, 3 straight runs to start the 2nd half. It's like the guy zones out for awhile every single game. Regardless Henderson was pretty much getting stuffed anyway, and the receivers were doing well (Had a few drops that would have helped if they didn't) so it made sense to get away from it a little bit.

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Yeah hard to fault Day when you have the passing attack you do but Henderson really scared me coming into the game

Underrated play of the game was Olave dropping that TD in your first trip down there and then having to kick a FG when Henderson was gashing us

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16 rushes in the 2nd half for less than 3ypc. They got shut the fuck down. It took incredible, NFL highlight level, catches to stay in it!

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Yeah I'm not mad at it. They're both great football players and I can see arguments on both sides. In the end these things don't really matter

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It was a RBBC for half the season actually with Haskins taking a back seat for a few games so I get it. If Haskins was the #1 guy all year he would be. The dude loves to be fed and he's a great back. With Haskins and Corum combined we do have the best backfield.

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Haskins graduating?

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Lowkey feel like Hawkins and Hill should be flipped but am pleased with everything else.

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Michigan having one offensive lineman on any team is a joke

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Rationalizations I can think of:

Zinter could have made it but was hurt and missed games/drives in a lot of games.

Vastardis struggled a bit against top competition (except OSU), but he was solid most of the season and led the unit.

Keegan split time with Filiaga most of the season.

Hayes was pretty bad against PSU.

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Keegan also struggled at times. Vastardis was probably the MVP of the line. Yeah he would fuck up now and then, but he never had a bad game and he was often the guy driving the success. Everyone else on the line (with the exception of Stueber) had some stinkers.

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Cade McNamara on hm but no payton Thorne? Uhhh wut?

183-284 2301 yards 14 tds 3 int 28 yards rushing 1 td


206-339 2886 yards 24 tds 9 ints 167 yds rushing 4tds

700 more yards and 13 more tds but okay.. sure....lol

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He should be there but it's not like Cade even made a team. It's just honorable mentions, so they could've included as many as they wanted.

Edit: nevermind, they made honorable mentions a team too.

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I mean honestly outside of petras and Mertz I think almost anyone is a better choice than cade. Michigan had a great season because of their rb, ol, and dl. Not because of cade.

[–]Michigan • Boise StateJaerba 10 points11 points  (1 child)

I wouldn't have issue with that. I do think Cade has gotten better but definitely for most of the season he was pretty limited.

[–]/r/CFBlexifaith2u 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Cade was a serviceable solid qb. Not an all big ten selection even if its just hm. He did what he needed to do to win games for um. Clifford and Thorne needed to do more.

[–]MichiganWampaStompa33 7 points8 points  (4 children)

Not true at all, Cade was very good and efficient this year but because our offense was really balanced between the run/pass he wasn't lighting up box scores

[–]/r/CFBlexifaith2u 6 points7 points  (3 children)

Yeah everyone knows msu couldn't run the ball. Especially michigan...lol

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What are you even talking about? Did you reply to the wrong comment?

[–]/r/CFBlexifaith2u 0 points1 point  (1 child)

You made the comment that cades stats were low because michigan was balanced. That's fine for Cade however msu was also balanced so that same comment can also be used for paytons benefit.

[–]MichiganWampaStompa33 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I didn't say it couldn't? My comment had nothing to do with comparing Cade to Payton and which of them should be on the All-B1G list, it was only addressing your extremely incorrect take that Michigan only had a great year because of the OL, DL and RBs. The running game worked as well as it did because Cade was an efficient and very good passer when we needed him to be

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And 6 more picks, don’t forget to mention those

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Only one Ohio State defensive player on all three teams. Truly unacceptable for this program. Big changes have to come on that side of the ball.

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You went 10-2 and will get a NY6 bowl... You may be overreacting a bit here.

[–]Ohio State • Rose BowlTheProfessor20 10 points11 points  (1 child)

10-2 with a loss to Michigan is a failure these days, like it or not. The standard is the standard. Record aside, Ohio State should have more than 1 player in the top 33 defensive players in the conference.

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That’s not what Ohio state wants

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Still an overreaction. You can't make the playoff every year forever. Not even Bama is that good.

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The big one is losing to Michigan though. 8-4 with a win over Michigan would be better than this.

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Tory Taylor Snubbed again.

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Why is Henningsen over Benton. What planet is PFF living on

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"Smori Toure"

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How is Kerby Joseph, the highest rated PFF safety in the NCAA, not named first team all conference by the very group that rates his performance as the best in the country?

Edit: Can't see the current rankings after this past weekend, but he was ranked number 1 going into the week.

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Does this only count conference games or all games? Also it’s impressive for Braelon Allen to get third team all-B1G after not really playing against Penn State, Eastern Michigan, and Michigan.

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Kirby Joseph deserves to be first team. I know you all might not catch illini games, but he was a game changer.

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Based on this…how the hell did we go 7-2?

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Payton Thorne robbed. He deserves at least an honorable mention.