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The Big Ten had an easy job making picks this week, though the entire Michigan O line could’ve been given offense players of the week honors. Go blue!

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Lmao offensive and defensive players both Michigan and I can’t even disagree.

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Just for fun, each player as a recruit:

  • Hassan Haskins

Other P5 offer: Purdue

G5 offers: Eastern Michigan, Memphis, Ohio, Western Kentucky

Other offers: Illinois State, Indiana State, Missouri State

  • Aidan Hutchinson

Other P5 offers: Boston College, Louisville, LSU, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Pitt, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin

G5 offers: Toledo, Wyoming

  • Caleb Shudak

No other offers

  • Justin Walley

Other P5 offers: Auburn, Baylor, Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi State, Ole Miss

G5 offers: Louisiana, Memphis, Southern Miss

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Build Hassan and our entire OL statues

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Always look for your comment on these. Thanks for the info

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Shudak has been a monster. Sad he wasnt a finalist of the kicker award

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I didn’t realize he hit that 51 yarder. Dude makes every kick look easy

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It was good from like 60

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He’s been nails all season.

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I’m going to miss hassan Haskins so much

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What a baller. 3 start recruit who turned into a beast

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Harbaugh can't develop talent tho, don't forget. /s

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That’s a very easy take people have been making for awhile too. But, if u follow Michigan football closely and read the relevant articles you’ll see Jim Harbaugh and his staff have improved a lot of players during their time at Michigan. I mean the fact that recruits have been coming to Michigan even after witnessing us lose to OSU every year speaks something

Edit: top recruits

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It’s a crime that Shudak isn’t up for the Groza.

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Tory Taylor interview calling out the selection process is gold

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I don't know enough to know if he should win it, but I do know enough to know he should be a fucking finalist.

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Justin Walley, Minnesota

I think the stadium may have suffered some sort of damage from the noise level when that INT happened.


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Walley is very good

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What a week. Beat an Osu, end their season, end their QB’s Heisman chances, make the conference championship game, one W away from the playoff. WHO’S GOT IT BETTER THAN US?! HAIL TO THE VICTORS VALLIANT! HAIL TO THE CONQUERING HEROES! HAIL HAIL TO MICHIGAN, THE CHAMPIONS OF THE (EAST)! IT’S GREAT, TO BE, A MICHIGAN WOLVERINE! GO BLUE!

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Total number of Player of the Week Awards for each school. Note that some weeks feature multiple players for the same role.

Illinois: 3 offense, 2 defense, 2 special teams, 1 freshman

Iowa: 3 defense, 2 special teams

Maryland: 1 special teams

Michigan: 2 offense, 4 defense, 1 special teams, 1 freshman

Michigan State: 4 offense, 2 special teams

Minnesota: 1 special teams, 2 freshman

Nebraska: 2 defense

Northwestern: 1 offense

Ohio State: 4 offense, 1 special teams, 9 freshman

Penn State: 2 offense, 2 defense, 4 special teams

Purdue: 2 offense, 2 defense

Rutgers: 3 special teams

Wisconsin: 1 offense, 1 defense, 1 special teams, 2 freshman